The Eight Ingredients You Need to Create the Ultimate “Man Cave”

The Eight Ingredients You Need to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

Man caves, especially since the advent of the pandemic, have become more and more popular. And, if you think about it, you can see why. People can’t go out and socialise, bars and restaurants are hurting, but you still want to be able to kick back and relax. So, if you are looking to create your own man cave, these are some of the essential ingredients you will need for your perfect chillout zone for a socially isolated experience or with your buddies.

In addition to all these elements, don’t forget to fill your space with personalized decor to match you and your interests to enliven the space; some ideas to create the perfect vibe are wall art such as your favorite movie posters and other movie memorabilia, Neon Lights, rugs, and your own collected figurines and other souvenirs from vacations.

1. A reclining chair

We’re going to go with the ‘Lazy boy’ style chair straight up. Why? Because it’s simply not possible to properly chill without being almost horizontal. Perfect for watching TV, video games, reading or even taking a cheeky ‘power nap’.

2. A mini-fridge

Whether your Man cave is in a loft or a converted garage, you’re going to need a fridge. Why? Whether you are mid-movie or in the middle of beating back a zombie apocalypse you don’t want to travel too far if you need a cold and fizzy beverage.

3. Sports Team Memorabilia

We’d assume most men (men who would be interested in a Mancave anyway) like sport. Many of those men will be prevented from shouting about the love of your favorite team in your living room or kitchen so the man cave is the perfect place to put up your title-winning jersey from the ’90s.

4. TV

Are you sick and tired of being told that the TV you want is simply too big? Of course you are. Well, you got the Man cave signed off, you can get the biggest TV and, of course, loudest soundbar your budget can reasonably stretch to. This will deliver the gaming and film experience you have always craved but weren’t able to achieve.

5. Pool Table

Especially during these pandemic times, most men out there are going to be missing ‘pub and bar sports’. If we are going to be stuck in our mancaves for the foreseeable future, you’re going to need a superior pool table.

6. Hard Liquor

We’ve all seen ‘Mad Men’ and watched how those ad executives threw back the Scotch and Burbon with wild abandon. Or maybe you’re harking back to those Westerns where the down their whisky in a single shot? Brown liquor is a man’s beverage so should naturally take pride in place in your man cave bar.

7. Bar Stools

You’ve got the fridge, you’ve got the whisky but what are you going to sit on? If you and your friends are missing going out or simply want to create that bar experience at home you can do this effortlessly by investing in some barstools. They can be picked up on eBay for next to nothing, so why not?

8. A Dartboard

Darts is the ultimate pub game that you can play in the comfort of your own home. Again, the Man cave has been signed off and the area is yours so don’t worry about the health and safety issues. You can also practice your game in isolation too so when you are allowed out again you’ll be hitting the bullseye and scoring 180 in no time.

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