The Essential Checklist for Hiring a Pole Barn Builder

The Essential Checklist for Hiring a Pole Barn Builder

Pole barn building was the standard for most agricultural buildings during the early part of the 19th century. It was an effective and affordable method of building large structures that could be used to store produce, tools, and machinery. This was important as farming had started moving from subsistence to mechanized agriculture.

Today, these outbuildings have become more than just storage places. Farmers and individuals now use them as workshops, garages, and commercial buildings. Some have even built their homes using the pole barn design.

This isn’t surprising, considering it is far more affordable than building a conventional home. However, the key to quality construction is selecting the right builder. Here is an essential checklist of seven things to consider before hiring a Tulsa pole barn builder.

1. Experience

Experience is a crucial factor in deciding on which builder you’ll trust with building your ideal pole barn house. The crew should have at least four years of relevant experience. This means they have spent a significant part of those four years constructing homes just like the one you need. There is no substitute for experience, especially in pole barn building.

2. Size of the building crew

This might not be a problem if you are building a small house, but you need to be in the know. The size of the crew affects the time it takes to complete your project. If you are pressed for time, you want to be sure the builder can get it across the line within the required time frame.

3. Construction engineer on the team

A construction engineer is not a must-have when putting together a pole barn building crew. However, if they have one, that says a lot about their approach to quality and standardization of their building process.

4. A certified foreman

A quality foreman is the fulcrum of every building crew. As mentioned earlier, you can ignore the lack of a construction engineer on the team. However, you must insist on meeting the foreman. The foreman must be sufficiently trained to supervise, build if necessary, and troubleshoot the plans designed by the licensed professional engineer.

They must also be certified. Look out for a certification from the National Frame Building Association (NFBA). They are the gold standard in pole barn building certifications. The NFBA certification also requires they renew their license every twenty-four months, so look out for your potential foreman’s ongoing training.

5. The crew’s communication skills

This might seem like something to ignore, but it can save you a lot in terms of wasted time and cost. The easiest way to test if the crew has excellent communication skills is how the foreman is communicating with you as a customer. If you feel that all objectives are clear and understood, then it is likely to be the same with the crew.

6. Reviews and testimonials

Most builders have a website these days, so it can be easy to check for reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. You can also search on online builder forums and websites for any reviews that would give you insights into the operations of the firm. See if you can even speak to any previous customers physically. Sometimes, a good conversation trumps every other thing.

7. Industry Awards

Industry awards and accolades can be a good measure of the quality of their work. Awards can give you some form of reassurance that they put their work out there and ensure they give their best to their customers.

The Bottomline

Pole barn houses can be affordable and spacious. However, they still need to be appropriately constructed to last for a long time. This checklist ensures that you not only get the right builder, but you end up with a pole barn building that suits your requirements.

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