The Importance of Algebra and Why You Need It

The Importance of Algebra and Why You Need It

Many describe algebra as a branch of Math where numbers meet letters. These letters and symbols are vital as they represent and help find unknown values in formulas. Many kids tend to panic when they see notes in their equations, mainly because a typical Mathematical problem only involves numbers. Ask a random high school student if they understand the importance of algebra. The most likely answer will be a definite NO. The article discusses the importance of algebra and how it extends beyond the classroom.

Here is why it is essential to learn algebra

Algebra is not limited

Algebra isn’t limited to a single field. The knowledge of algebra can be applied to many other areas. These could be anything from Chemistry, technology, psychology, and computer science. In addition, algebra serves as a ground basis for additional studies in Math, Statistics, Calculus, Geometry, and trigonometry. While a good grasp of the ground bases can go a long way, these studies may not be enticing. However, most of these studies are required in some of today’s top careers. Therefore mastering algebra will improve your other fields and give you better career opportunities.

Structured way of using Mathematical Knowledge

Sure basic Math like Addition, Division, Multiplication, and Subtractions are still necessary. Still, simply knowing how to add and subtract can only do so much in the academic field. Algebra takes these basic operations a step further. It provides a structured way of using them through the use of formulas. Formulas provide short practical ways to solve problems. It tells you exactly what kind of information you need and how to use it to develop a solution. Thereby removing guesswork and giving a deeper meaning to Math. Also, Finding good resources is vital; being taught something but having good examples are crucial. For example, if you are learning about the recursive formula, you will want to find a resource page that details and shows a recursive formula example; this will make your learning progress so much faster.

Encourages Logical Thinking

As we said earlier, algebra gives a deeper understanding of Math. It encourages critical and logical thinking to come up with solutions to problems. It also encourages creativity and resourcefulness. There is no spoon-feeding but instead compels students to work with what they have to produce results. The great thing about logical training is that it still shows outside of Math. In a workplace, you can analyze day-to-day problems and develop solutions. You can also explore and navigate your career and life without so much of a headache because you have trained yourself to be practical and critical. Whatever you choose to do outside of Math, you can still use the logical training from Algebra.

Information Technology Needs Algebra

All modern technology we see heavily relies on Math and Algebra. Computer scientists and engineers use Algebra to develop various algorithms and software to make life easier and better. Without algebra, TVs, smartphones, and other heavily dependent devices would not be possible. As mentioned earlier, Algebra also lays the groundwork for statistics which plays a fundamental role in data mining, image analysis, speech recognition, and more. Algebra is also the foundation for Calculus to create graphs, virtual simulations, coding applications, etc. It is no surprise that many Universities demand you have an advanced background in Algebra before pursuing courses in Information Technology.

It helps you take charge of your finances.

Outside of the classroom, a good grasp of Algebra will go a long way in helping you take charge of your finances and make better financial decisions. Without algebra, you may struggle to understand the inner workings of the world of finance. How banks and other financial institutions calculate compound interest and how Mortgages work are a few things based on algebra. You simply can’t afford to be ignorant. Otherwise, you may end up making some life-altering severe mistakes. Also, applying algebra to your budget and expenditure could save you more money than you’d think.

A great way to challenge yourself

We will be the first to admit that algebra isn’t easy. Many people found algebra challenging at some point in time. Because it is no easy task, however, it is more rewarding when you can finally work your way around it. The struggle to study algebra teaches you to overcome hurdles, and these are invaluable life lessons for students. Also, aside from the pleasure and satisfaction, you get each time you solve a problem in algebra, studying and mastering the subject is enriching.

We cannot understate the importance of algebra. And if you thought you would run away from it right after school, think again. Because it is valuable knowledge that will help you perform basic life activities. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to dispel the stigma that Algebra is practically useless even outside the classroom. Let them know that it is an essential life skill that will help them navigate the world if they give it a fair chance and commitment to studying it.

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