The Importance of Creating a Balance Between IT and Nature

The Importance of Creating a Balance Between IT and Nature

We are living in a digital world and our kids were born into an age of computing, while social media is already an integral part of their lives, yet this means the next generations are not making that essential connection with Mother Nature. Think back to when you were 10 and you’ll no doubt have memories of running through meadows and climbing trees and as parents, we need to do whatever it takes to create a balance between tech and nature.

Limiting Online Time

There’s a trick to this; rather than telling your kids they can’t go online at certain times, prepare exciting outdoor activities to do instead. This is a positive strategy where the focus of their attention is on the new activity; just make it a rule of no digital devices when on outdoor jaunts. As your kids get older, you tend to spend less time with them, which makes it harder to monitor online activity and this can lead to your kids spending too much time online.

Teach Self-Learning

Do your kids know that they can ask Google any question and usually get an answer? Show them how to research a topic using a search engine, then set them a Google quiz and see how they get on with that. If your kids are learning when online, this is preferable to playing video games and chatting with unknown people.


Sleeping under the stars is kind of addictive and a single weekend camping trip might spark a love of the great outdoors and with child-friendly drinking bottles and natural mosquito repellent, your kids can discover the wonders of the Australian wilderness. When was the last time you slept in a tent? Perhaps it is time to introduce your children to the world of nature by arranging a weekend camping trip; you can order tents, sleeping bags, and camping accessories online, then prepare for the first adventure.

Learning Digital Tech from our Kids

As they were born into a digital world, our kids know how to do everything IT-related, indeed, they can certainly teach us a few things. If, at any time, you get stuck with IT, ask your child and they might be able to help. At least your kids are doing something productive when online if they are teaching you how to use MS Word or PowerPoint and you might be surprised at what they do know! Here are a few ways that you can help your child be healthy.

Outdoor Time

It is critical for you to spend some quality downtime with your kids in a natural environment; set aside a Sunday afternoon and take them to a place you have never been, so you too can explore and let’s not forget the many National Parks available to visit. Some parks, like those in Australia, have programs to help develop children’s balance between screen time and outdoor activity.

The Australian government has a program called head to health, which includes the importance of being around nature. Keeping an eye on your kids regarding online activity is essential and don’t forget to spend time with your kids outdoors.

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