The Importance of Having Frequent Clean-Outs

We’re all guilty of letting things build up in the house and garden, whether it’s old furniture you haven’t quite gotten around to getting rid of or overgrown trees in the yard which are taking over. If you’ve been putting it off, there’s no time like the present! So, why is it important to carry out domestic rubbish removal regularly? Let’s take a look!

Why are quarterly clean-outs important?

Decluttering is something that a lot of us avoid but there are plenty of benefits when it comes to committing to a clear-out. The first benefit you’re likely to notice when you do a clear-out is that you suddenly have more space! It’s easy to let things build up and getting rid of bulky baby items you no longer use, furniture that’s been sitting in the shed and other surplus items can clear up space. Clearing out also helps make you feel more organised and calmer without all that build up. Commit to a clear-out every three months – you’ll start looking forward to it!

Why should you keep your garden cut back?

One of the main reasons you should keep your garden cut back is that it makes your backyard look much better. Overgrown trees and shrubs can overtake other plants and inhibit them from growing and it can also look pretty messy! Keeping your garden cut back can also be important from a safety perspective – if you have larger branches overhanging your property, it’s best to keep them pruned back so they fall during storms. It’s also a good idea to keep your garden cut back if you have a pool so you can reduce leaf fall. Pruning back your garden also ensures proper growth of the plant.

What should you consider when doing a clean-out?

The first thing you should do when clearing out is get prepared – after all, you need somewhere you put all your clutter once it’s out of the house! You also tend to end up with a lot more to throw away than you first consider. Organise a skip bin before you start so you clear-out straight into it. Put aside a day to declutter and, if necessary, ask someone else to watch the kids so you can focus. Be realistic about whether you’re actually going to use something you’re holding on to. Is that old bed you’ve been storing in the shed for five years ever really going to be useful? Is it worth the space it’s taking up? If the answer is no, get rid of it!

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