The Key Shoe Types Every Woman Needs in Her Collection

The Key Shoe Types Every Woman Needs in Her Collection

Whether you love nothing more than shopping for new fashion on the weekend or hate the thought of having to buy new gear, we all need different types of shoes in our wardrobe for various occasions.

From long workdays and casual affairs through to formal events, it makes life easier when we have plentiful footwear options to choose from. Consider whether you have the below shoe types ready to go today or if it might be time to expand your range.

White Sneakers

It’s good to have some classic white sneakers. This go-everywhere footwear is casual yet cool, effortless yet polished. You can wear them with all sorts of different outfits, and they work nicely in many different climates, too.

They’re comfortable yet stylish enough to wear on plane trips and as you travel or for casual brunches with friends or outings to the farmer’s market. Pair them with a jersey dress for a low-key date, or even wear them in the office if you have a laid-back dress code. Either way, you’ll get plenty of use out of white sneakers year-round.

Quality Boots

Every woman needs some quality boots to select from when she gets ready. For example, you could invest in some women’s handmade cowboy boots to go with your favorite denim skirt, dress, or jeans, and to wear in practical situations when you require stable, weather-resistant footwear.

You might like to own a pair of handy ankle boots, too. Choose ones with a walkable heel, so they serve you equally well at work and when traveling as they do on a night out. It pays to select a neutral hue such as black or brown booties, as these can be paired with just about everything. LBBs (little black booties) are as essential as an LBD (little black dress) since they work with jeans and a tee, a business casual look at the office, or paired with a summer dress, among other things. And, everyone loves having a pair of comfy Uggs, get more info here.

Also, consider buying a pair of classic knee-high riding boots that lend protection and glamor when you’re in any elements. They’re just as chic as they are practical and can work with many different outfits, including short skirts, long dresses, jeans, and tailored pants. Choose leather, suede, or a quality synthetic material if you prefer vegan products.

Neutral Heels

Every lady needs at least one pair of fabulous neutral heels in her closet, too. Buy a pair from a good brand that you know will last you for a while rather than having to keep replacing heels consistently. Use these footwear staples for interviews and workdays, at weddings and other celebrations, and on date nights.

Choose a classic pair of polished pumps in black, soft pink, or nude, and you’ll have a classically elegant finish to every look. These are the perfect shoes for times when you’re going straight from the office to an event, too.

Active Shoes

While the white sneakers mentioned previously can be used for casual outings and short errands, it’s necessary to have a proper pair of sports sneakers. You need active shoes that will serve you well on long hikes, city runs, gym sessions, and the like. You can find this footwear in all sorts of hues these days, from white to black and everything in between, including multicolored designs and patterned selections.

If you wear a lot of pared-back activewear, you might like to go all out with your sneakers by choosing bright, look-at-me designs. Remember that darker colors don’t show the mud and dirt as much as light shades, so they’re handy if you regularly go bushwalking or walk your dog in all weather.

Strappy Sandals

Another staple we all need on hand is a pair of pretty strappy sandals. These are some of the most versatile footwear choices you can have for warm weather months, as they work with both casual and formal dresses, short and long skirts, denim and linen shorts, etc.

Sandals dress up a look but don’t have to make you feel like you’re walking on a tiny heel. Many have decent block heels for more support and stability. If you’re really after comfort, though, consider buying wedges for spring and summer, as these are the easiest to walk in. They come in simple shades such as white, tan, nude, and red, or you can opt for multicolored products to add more oomph to your outfit.

These are some key pieces to invest in so you’re all sorted when it comes to footwear. In addition, you might like to add some practical flats, transitional loafers or brogues, and some glitzy statement heels that attract attention for all the right reasons.

Most of us don’t need much excuse to go browsing for shoes, but if you do, use kitting yourself out with all the above styles your reason for your next shopping spree.

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