The Key to a Dust-Free Home

5 Summer Cleaning Tips for a Spotless Home

Understandably, keeping your home dust-free can prove to be a rather strenuous task. It is no secret that even after a thorough cleaning session, your space and surroundings might still be filled with dust that you just have no idea when and how it got there in the first place. 

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by the amount of dust in your house, it just might be the right time for you to look into ways you can improve the quality of air around you. Fortunately, some practices could help improve the quality of air in your home and work office. The following DIY tips and tricks, along with experts’ solutions, might work wonders if you’re especially allergic to dust.

 A Must-Have Doormat & Shoes Cabinet 

We’ve all been there! You’ve invited a bunch of people over to your house, and sure enough – there is that one person that looks as though they’ve come straight after a good ol’ jog and hike session. As such, you must have proper tools such as doormats and shoe cabinets in place. They might add to the overall decor, but most importantly, they serve as great tools for reducing dust and other unwanted particles.

Having an exterior and interior bristle-top doormat will lessen the amount of dirt one brings inside. In places with larger numbers of people, it is advisable to also invest in a covered shoe cabinet/rack as they help isolate the shoes from their immediate surroundings – effectively reducing the amount of dust created by dirty shoes. Experts and lecturers at Multimedia University believe that automated shoe racks are proven to be quite beneficial when it comes to the usability of storage systems.

Have You Scheduled a Carpet Cleaning Service

 Thinking About Getting the Carpet You Once Saw?

Why wouldn’t you want to invest in that carpet that just fits perfectly with the room’s decor? According to the recent study published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, there is great merit in avoiding extensive carpet use in homes and offices as they hold on to dust particles and would inevitably disperse into the atmosphere. Over time, those particles accumulate, and the room will no longer feel as comfortable to be in.

It’s only natural that we like to have carpets in our rooms, but perhaps you’re better off with vinyl tiles or hypoallergenic carpets. These products are believed to be of much better quality in terms of harboring less dust and pollutants. Vinyl tile comes in a variety of shapes and forms. It’s versatile, visually appealing, and economical.

 The general consensus is that hypoallergenic carpets cause fewer allergic reactions compared to conventional carpets. Make sure to vacuum clean it every now and then and annually deep clean it so that you get rid of the trapped allergens. A good quality hypoallergenic carpet will effectively repel dust and other allergens that cause allergic reactions.

Make Sure to Have the Right Cleaning Supply

Often we find ourselves dusting our furniture and ornaments, and undoubtedly we’ve all experienced the frustration of not knowing just what tool to use. We may even reach for the first tissue in an attempt to improvise and take the shortcut only to realize later on that we’ve made quite a mess and some of the dust on the surface are now in the atmosphere because of the way we handled it. If you could relate to this situation – fret not – you’ll learn today what works better and what to stay away from.

What you don’t want when dusting is dispersing the dust particles into the atmosphere, and to avoid doing so, it is prudent to refrain from using dry rags and feather dusters. Instead, use damp rags and disposable pieces of cloth. They are efficient in utilizing electrostatic charges to capture the dust particles. This way, you’re making sure that every surface you go over is neatly cleaned and no particles were dispersed in the process.

Fresh Air Fresh You

Maintaining a fresh and dust-free atmosphere in our spaces can indeed be time-consuming. You might’ve even had days where you did all the chores; you pat yourself on the shoulder, life is all good, rainbows and sunshine, that is when you look up and realize – DUST everywhere!

The recommendations above are an excellent start to embark on and adopt that dust-free lifestyle. Like every other chore, this will make the chaos less chaotic, and you’ll thank yourself for doing it once you reap the benefit later on. If you’re particularly short on time, it is wise to consider a solution that gives you the necessary peace of mind; at least you’ll be able to come back to a home where you can take a deep breath and, well, enjoy what you just took.

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