The Latest Kitchen Trends Driving Design In 2021

The Latest Kitchen Trends Driving Design In 2021

The Internet is awash with information about the latest kitchen design trends, such as unique cabinetry, marble sealers that you love, trending color schemes, and state-of-the-art appliances. We may fall in love with these new ideas, but it would be impractical to implement and incorporate all of them at once. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a disorganized room that is not only dysfunctional but also exposes you and your family to harm and injury.

And now that we’re spending more time at home, our cooking areas have never been busier. We have doubled them up to serve as makeshift home offices and even open-spaced living rooms.

Most of us have come to appreciate the importance of this room within the home. Whether you’ve made the decision to renovate and are searching for ideas or would like to satisfy the growing urge of curiosity, there are several emergent kitchen trends you can emulate.

But with so many new trends in kitchen design, how does one go about making the right choices. Everyone wishes to end up with an aesthetically appealing outcome, but not to the detriment of proper functionality and safety. In this article, we highlight some of the kitchen trends set to take over homes in 2021. But first, let us see why design is essential to cooking spaces.

Importance of Kitchen Design

We cannot stress the benefits of a good kitchen design enough. The perfect layout:

  • Makes it more user friendly
  • Provides more effortless access to appliances
  • Increases safety when using appliances
  • Optimum storage space for food and utensils

Numerous cooking area storerooms, home living magazines, interior designers, and brands advertise the newest kitchen trends. This year, design and plan are at the heart of every home improvement project.

Top 5 Biggest Kitchen Trends Set To Dominate 2021

Minimalistic approach

We anticipate seeing designs adapting the principle of minimalism this year. Reduce the clutter and blend in multifunctional apparatus to save up on space. And if you have an open concept house or compact cooking area, freeing up space makes the room appear cleaner and airy.

Maximum efficiency is still achievable with minimum clutter. It is possible to include an island so long as you consider the dimensions to support accessibility and seating opportunities. Furthermore, minimalistic decor in collaboration with kitchen flooring trends and color variations are great for creating edgy yet practical cooking areas.

Natural materials

2021 is at the hub of the Go Green movement. We are all about sustainability and eco-consciousness. Therefore, the use of organic materials will take over. Nature can lend its beauty to any cooking area design theme. Bamboo, reclaimed timber, linoleum, granite, and even heavily veined marble make a significant comeback. They contribute to healthier homes and contribute to aesthetic appeal. Therefore, using natural stone to add personality is one of the critical kitchen backsplash trends currently.

Smart technology

Most kitchen appliance trends indicate an abundance of new gadgets and tech. Smart appliances are experiencing a boom in the industry. Devices that are controlled remotely, enhance efficiency, precision, and safety in our homes. There’s a smart device for almost all tasks.

Well-thought storage

Storage is a crucial aspect. One cannot forgo its importance because it is a savor for the overall beauty. Kitchen trends in 2021 propose concealed storage, especially if you have tons of cooking equipment. Walk-in pantries, kitchen larders, and concealed cabinets are all the craze right now.

Dash of color or dark themes

Traditionally, the all-white kitchen was at the top of every home owner’s list. However, the timeless white cabinets, cooking area tops, and walls have overstayed their welcome. Designers have embarked on a mission to introduce the element of mood to functionality and order.

As white makes its way out, we expect more vivid kitchen color trends to feature in the current year. Try introducing pops of brightness to neutral hues like whites and greys. The walls and floors are great places to begin. But a newly-fangled approach makes use of furniture, decor, and appliances.

For instance, introduce a colorful kitchen apparatus to break a basic color scheme or add personality to your space with a fun-colored ceiling.

On the other hand, for a non-conservative theme, go the complete opposite. Black has risen from the ashes and is now more inviting and convenient as long as it is combined appropriately with textures and natural elements like wood and stone.

Last Word

Kitchen trends are ever-evolving. And in 2021, we predict that they will feature dominantly in home redesign plans. Homes often revolve around the cooking area; hence, they utilize this space to create a gorgeous, functional, and timeless look. Have you tried any of the trends mentioned above? Kindly share your experiences in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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