The Line Of Difference Between Myotherapy and Massage

The objective of this article is to set the records straight. People confuse the two topics above with each other. Several people out there believe that the two fields are the same, but the fact remains that the two are two distinct fields of endeavor that are different from each other. We shall make an attempt to clear the air by establishing the fact that the two are different from each other.

The Difference In Their Set Ups

The two are set up differently. There is a marked difference in the way they are set up. Going further, the health fund rebates; we can see a marked difference between the two also in that regard. Getting certified to practice in the profession is also another area where it can be clearly seen that they are two different fields of study. When we take a look at the syllabus of the two, it is clearly seen that the two come with their individual syllabus.

The Myotherapist Also Use Massage

The Myotherapist may opt for the use of the massage therapy as a form of treatment, and Japanese massage chairs are best to serve the purpose. The fact people see the Myotherapist using the method of massage to treat their clients is the main reason why people see no difference between the two areas of discipline. But the treatment of the Myotherapist includes a range of evidence-based treatment approaches as well as skill-sets. The treatment also involves manual therapy, dry needling, thermal and electro-therapeutic techniques which may include:

  • Exercise prescription
  • Education on management
  • Load management
  • Activity modification
  • Lifestyle modification.

Separate Qualifications

The qualifications of Myotherapy are quite different. Their specialty is tuned towards making them experts in the field of evidence-based assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions. When we take a look at the syllabus; it can be seen that they are different from each other. It is very glaring that there is a line of difference between the two.

The Concept Involved

When we are dealing with Myotherapy; the experts depends on the evidence given by the patient. There is no room for a visit to the doctor for any form of diagnosis, but the patient will simply tell the expert where he is feeling the pains on the body and needed treatment are applied in accordance with the complaint of the patient. There is a question, and answer session between the patient and the expert and the answers given to the probing questions will form the basis of the treatment that will be given to the patient.

The Treatment Methods Involved

The approach to treatment in myotherapy goes beyond the treatment of stiff parts of the body. The treatment includes all the areas that have to do with the ball and socket joints of the body. The examination covers all the moving parts of the body. The tissue areas of the body are not left out. The target is to make sure that all the moving parts of the body are mobile. This is a deeper approach when compared to massaging.

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