The Most Relaxing Crafts to Soothe the Mind


Too many people suffer from stress and anxiety in this fast-paced world we live in. So many are having to see therapists to help them, or are taking medication to calm them down. There are others way that can help though, calming hobbies being a great stress reliever.


Coloring is no longer something just children do. Adults have realized how calming it can be. Whether you color kids books or treat yourself to some of the adult coloring pictures and books now readily available, you will find yourself lost in another world, and become more calm and relaxed. Of all the relaxing crafts shared here today, even the most artistically challenge person can color.


As children, most of us loved getting our hands covered in paint when finger painting. And then trying to be creative with it. It still works, it is still fun and will relax you beyond belief. Besides with your fingers, there’s paint pouring which creating beautiful abstract designs. And, of course, many types of traditional water color, acrylic and oil painting with brushes or other tools, allows you to not only relax, but also express emotion. That’s why it has become a popular form of therapy.


Pottery is a good way of relaxing. Although, most people would need/want go to classes for guidance and to be able to use their equipment. It is an art form often recommended by therapists as one that can help you forget the stresses of the day and will calm your nerves. It also has a long rich history as you will see at Pottery: The Ultimate Guide, History, Getting Started, Inspiration. You might take a while to get the hang of it, but it is so worth it.

Lack the space for making pottery? Try other forms of clay. Polymer clay, for example, can be very relaxing to work with and you can make different kinds of finished pieces. The most popular is jewelry.  There are many techniques you can learn to create with polymer clay.


Writing is a craft all of its own, as many authors and poets will attest to. But you do not have to be a brilliant writer and trying to get something published for it to help you when you are stressed out. Just writing down all your problems, and the way you are feeling can help, and if you are able to write something sellable then that is a bonus. Add journaling to your daily routine. It’s gain popularity recently to include sketching or doodling with various art mediums.


From making dolls to creating your own clothing with home sewing machines, there are many kinds of things you can sew to relax. You work different textures of fabric in a rainbow of colors. It’s both exciting and relaxing. Quilting can be especially relaxing when you’re hand sewing. Projects like hand quilting easily fit in a bag to with you, or tuck it away in a basket by the couch. Sew items for your home: pillows, curtains, cloth baskets, etc.

Knit or Crochet

I have fond memories of my grandmother crocheting afghans. She definitely found it relaxing while she watched her favorite TV shows. Today, knit and crochet are still popular and there’s many things you can craft. It’s not just for sweaters and afghans. Toys, shawls, hats, and more! Not to mention there’s a ton of lovely yarns on the market. Just feeling those relaxes you.


With some color threads and fabric people take a break from working to embroider lovely designs for home decor or gifts. It’s one of those relaxing crafts that doesn’t take a lot of supplies or space. Plus, projects get started and completed over time. No need to be in a hurry. Embroidery includes crewel work, needle point, cross stitch, ribbon embroidery, and traditional embroidery.

Hobbies for Sanity

Relaxing crafts can help to keep some sanity in your life. They let you switch off from the everyday stresses and for a while at least do something that has no worry attached to it. Having a creative outlet helps your general well being by providing an outlet from the hectic daily activities. You’ll find craft hobbies to grow your creativity in other areas of your life. Crafting gives you an outlet in which you can turn off the demands of life and just enjoy yourself for awhile.

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