The Online Video Maker Built for Social Media (without a watermark!)

The Online Video Maker Built for Social Media

Looking for a Fun and Affordable Online Video Maker? Check Out Promo

One of the best things that the modern internet has brought to us is the ability to produce our videos using an online video maker. One product that stands out for making videos is the Promo online video maker.

Promo is especially suitable for social media video creation. The software contains everything you need to create great professional-looking productions. Yet, it is easy to use and easy to afford. Of course, it’s also quite fun!

Whereas your written content and photos are essential in creating great social media posts and advertisements for your organization, videos have become an integral part of attracting viewers and potential customers or clients. Besides boosting your social media metrics through websites such as, videos are one of the highly effective social media marketing tools.

Where Can I Post the Videos I Produce with Promo?

Promo is ideal for creating videos to post on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can create videos for use in marketing, product/event promotions, Facebook/Instagram ads, YouTube ads, and more. If you want to download youtube videos, you can use GenYoutube via which you can download YouTube videos online for free.

Besides, you can also produce videos that look great on desktops, for use in general presentations or training sessions, for example.

They offer over 2,500 video templates designed specifically to help boost your business or your online reputation.

Posting videos comes with no restrictions on the number of times you can upload them to your platforms.

How Much Does Promo Cost?

Promo offers three simple pricing plans. The Basic plan is $49 per month if you pay monthly or $39 per month if you choose to pay annually. This plan entitles you to use three premium video clips per month and to download all videos that you create, all with no watermark or Promo branding.

Promo’s Standard plan is $99 per month or $69 if billed $828 annually. The Standard plan offers unlimited premium video clips plus the ability to add your own watermark as well as to manage one brand.

Finally, the Pro plan runs $359 if billed monthly or $249 if billed $2,988 annually. The Pro plan offers everything in the Standard plan plus white-label sharing, reseller privileges, and the management of up to 10 brands. This plan also offers priority customer service.

Subscription purchases made for Promo plans are safe and secured by Stripe, the reputable online payment provider. All data transfers are highly encrypted.

Does Promo Offer a Free Trial Plan?

Yes, it is free to sign up to try Promo. Even in the free plan, you get access to over 15 million premium video clips, their extensive music library, and the editing tools needed to produce as many videos as you would like. If you need additional royalty-free music to use in your videos you can use Promo in combination with Artlist. And, you can use this Artlist discount code to get two months free.

However, you will need to subscribe to a plan if you want to be able to download your productions. Once you do subscribe, though, your plan comes with an unlimited lifetime license for both online and downloaded videos.

Which Video Formats Can I Produce with Promo?

With the Promo online video maker, you can produce videos in the following formats:

  • Vertical videos
  • Horizontal videos
  • Square videos
  • Banner videos

It’s worth noting that the videos that you produce have lifetime availability. They do not expire even if you choose to let your subscription to Promo end.

Where Are My Videos Hosted?

With Promo, your videos stay safe and secure on their servers, giving you the option to share a link with your viewers. Also, you can easily download all of your videos, making them your permanent property. You can then share them as you see fit.

All of your videos come with a lifetime license, which enables unlimited posting or sharing in whichever manner you would like. With a Pro plan subscription, you can even resell or reassign your videos to another owner. You should be aware, however, that doing this ends your rights to use these videos.

How Good is the Resolution of My Videos on Promo?

Having high resolution, good quality videos is critically important in making a good impression with your viewers. No matter how good your concept is, or how well you put your message, if your final product is a less-than-adequate video, you have spent all that time for nothing.

Promo will help ensure that the videos you produce will make that all-important first impression.

For example, with the Basic plan, you can produce videos in 720p HD quality. However, the Standard and Pro plans offer you 1080p full HD quality.

All videos are downloadable in the MP4 format, which is the industry standard for an online video maker built for social media.

What About Video Clips and Photos for Use in My Videos?

With the Standard and Pro plans, you will have access to a whopping 23 million video clips from noted providers such as Getty Images and Shutterstock.

If you like to include photos in your videos, Promo has you covered there as well! They offer over 1.4 million photos that will enhance your videos and make them even more attractive. The use of these video clips and photos is unlimited.

Does Promo Support Languages Other Than English?

With Promo, you can produce videos in any language. You don’t have to stick to English. Please note that there are limited support for special characters in certain fonts. However, many languages are available.

What Else is So Good About Promo Video Maker?

Promo is a reputable resource currently with over 1.2 million marketing, artistic, and video producing professionals using this platform.

Promo even has partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Getty Images, and Shutterstock.

With reasonable costs for lifetime video licensing, its high quality and flexible video formatting, and its impressive video clip, photo, and music library, it’s worth considering Promo for all your video production needs.

For more information, or to get started, just online video maker.

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