The Practical Reasons Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over Water Filters

The Practical Reasons Why Everyone Is Obsessing Over Water Filters

With the soaring numbers of inexplicable diseases spreading across the world, threatening people’s lives and safety, there has been an incredible increase in health-awareness. Among other things, there has been a huge interest from people with the quality of their water systems and the cleanliness of tap water. This interest has encouraged people to invest in DIY tools like home water testing kits, which have become more popular than ever. No matter where you live, you want to make sure that you have access to clean water that is free from harmful impurities. In this day and age, it is extremely rare to find a house that does not have in place some kind of water filtration system. It has become a necessity rather than a fancy add-on. So, read on to understand some of the practical reasons why everyone is obsessing over water filters.

Information About Long Term Effects

Many research studies have revealed the direct relation between chronic diseases like different types of cancers with the long-term consumption of water that is contaminated with lead and other harmful substances. The studies tested individuals who consumed contaminated water throughout their lives, which ended up with a revelation of such shocking results. Water impurities cause us direct harm.  So, even in areas where water is considered safe, many should be careful and install their own filtration systems as an extra precaution. This is usually better for extra assurance; however, you do not need to go and spend a lump sum on a complicated filtration system that you do not actually need. Speak with an experienced installer like these: water fountains sydney and learn what your your home’s current home plumbing might be putting you at risk.

Permanent Damage To Home Pipes

Water running through your home pipes is loaded with sediments and other chemical substances, this can cause irreversible damage to your whole plumbing system. Only certain kinds of water filters will keep your pipes protected. However, you need to confirm, if this is right for you since pipe protecting filters do not come cheap. Installing a water filter to supply your whole house that purifies water at the source, will set you back a few thousand dollars.  Yet, if you look at it objectively, this solution is more cost-effective than the risk of losing much more money replacing all the pipes around your house.

Make Your Food Safe To Eat

It is always advised that you wash produce properly before eating to get rid of all the harmful pesticides and toxins on them. However, washing your fruits and vegetables with unclean water is not much better than not washing them at all. Especially if you have kids at home, you need to be more careful about using filtered water when preparing food. Since children’s digestive systems are far more sensitive than adults, they can suffer from gut issues that can have more serious complications in the long run. Water treatment experts suggest you invest in an under-sink reverse water osmosis filtration system in order to ensure ultimate safety for drinking and cooking water. This system can be quite pricey and requires regular maintenance; however, it removes up to 99% of water impurities, which is as close as you can get to pristine water.

Waterdrop water filter system ensure household drinking water safety.

Impact on Hair And Skin

This is particularly important for females in the household. Hard water is full of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. Although it is safe and actually beneficial to drink hard water to make up for mineral deficiencies, it has a very damaging effect on hair and skin. Washing your hair with hard water will leave it lacking moisture and tangled. While your face will appear flaky and overall lackluster. It also worsens eczema and psoriasis and can cause flare-ups. This is why more people seek adequate water filters that can help them protect their hair and keep their skin irritation-free.

Save Money

Installing water filters are much more cost-effective than buying bottled water for home use. A water filter pitcher or a faucet-mounted one is relatively cheap and will cover all of your household needs, given that you do not need a more intense filtration system. Not to mention, it is also a more environmentally friendly option than consuming single-use plastic water bottles.

It is only natural that you want to seek the best solution when your family’s health and yours are in question. Obsessing over hygiene is actually a good kind of obsession. However, make sure you do not take it too far and go looking for state of the art water filters that you do not need. The best thing is to start with a water test, understand what is it that you are dealing with, then decide on the right water filter system for you.

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