The Reading Culture: How to Raise Lifelong Readers

The Reading Culture How to Raise Lifelong Readers

More than usual, kids are losing interest in reading across the world. Where young adults and teenagers were formerly interested in reading books to pass time, kids are now more interested in physical activities,  playing mobile games, watching TV, or surfing the internet; spending time on social media.

The National Education Association performed a study and revealed their findings – children who show more interest in reading are more likely to succeed in school. These findings re-ignited the desire in parents to nurture a love for reading in their children.

If you are unsure of how you can get your child’s nose out of their mobile device screens and into the pages of a book, we have gathered some useful tips to help make the process of creating life-long readers easier for you.

Read what they love and are familiar with

Do you know those books called “classics”? They are known as classics for a reason, and it seems like everyone in your generation, and even your parents’ generation read those books. The longevity of the books is for good reason; these tales are beautifully crafted, and children hold a special love and enjoyment for these stories.

The difference between your generation and your children’s generation is that now, they have animated versions of most of these stories, and they might not be as excited to read the books. What you can do to enchant your child into reading the classic tales is this: find out the animated versions they love the most and begin with reading those books to them. For example, if your child enjoys watching Tangled, they would also enjoy the original story of Rapunzel. The good thing about having so many options online is that you can select a story that you know your child would enjoy the most. Also, you can save money on buying huge stacks of fairytale classics when you download a reading app or download the stories from websites.

Include reading as part of their daily routine

Bedtime stories for your young children should be something of a tradition for the both of you, especially if you wish to foster a lifelong reading habit in them. Bedtime reading presents an opportunity for your child to explore their imagination, as well as make the connection between reading and having fun. If you want to take this habit further, you can encourage your child to make out time in their regular routine to read a little outside of bedtime.

Try to read a new story with your child every week, or you can task your child with finishing two new stories every week, depending on how fast they can read and how eager they are to read new books.

Engage your child with technology

Most modern kids are more excited about the prospect of scrolling through an electronic gadget or using technology than flipping through the pages of a new book. If your child does not show any interest or excitement in reading physical books, you may try your luck with eBooks. There are apps available for children to listen to or read stories from their devices.

As a matter of fact, children who find it difficult to read and focus on books will benefit from audiobooks. The good news is that there are numerous opportunities for your child to read online, and enough apps and eBooks to select from. Use aloud reading practice worksheets to get your children more interested in the art of storytelling.

Make reading a family tradition

Children learn by emulating what they see. It would be easier to encourage your child to read if your family already values reading. During your free time, read a good book, or start your day by reading the morning paper. Actively show your child how reading can make them better and how reading can be enjoyable.

Don’t force your kids to enjoy traditional stories

Sometimes, kids don’t show interest in stories, no matter how interesting or how popular they are. Your child might want a different kind of text; especially as they get older, and that’s okay. Offer them different kinds of stories; from comic books to graphic novels, until you find the one that piques their interest. If it happens that your kids like a particular comic book, you could start putting together a collection for them by searching for the best place to buy comics online.

You may think that comic books are not the right type of books for your children, but your child will learn to appreciate reading as they read something they enjoy. As they get older, encourage them to branch out and attempt some other types of books.

Every parent’s dream is to have a child that appreciates reading. If you follow the tips above, your child should blossom into an adult with a healthy reading habit.

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