The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Kitchen Cabinets

With so many options for kitchen cabinets on the market, where do you start when you want a new kitchen? Hopefully, this guide to kitchen cabinets helps!

The kitchen is one room in the house that everyone uses, and it’s also one that you might use for entertaining. A beautiful, carefully planned and fitted kitchen is an excellent addition to the home – and will also add value should you decide to sell – but with so many options for custom kitchen cabinets on the market, where do you start when you want a new kitchen? We’ve put together this guide to kitchen cabinets to help you.

Guide to Kitchen Cabinets

There is always the option of heading to your local kitchen showroom and choosing from their off-the-shelf range. They will probably send a salesman to measure up and provide you with a quote. You’ll end up with a decent kitchen. But then, one day, you’ll walk into a friend’s beautiful kitchen. All the cabinets have been specially made to fit. And it didn’t cost much more than yours. This is why we reckon custom-made cabinets are the way to go.

Benefits of Custom Cabinets

What are the benefits of custom-made cabinets, like RTA cabinets, and how do you go about buying them? The benefits include – as we have mentioned – a truly beautiful kitchen. Then there’s the more efficient use of available space: the off-the-shelf cabinets will be a standard size, and may leave awkward and unusable spaces around windows, etc. The custom cabinets will be measured and made to fit, using all the space available. And, the beautiful view of your backyard and garden will be complemented by the beautiful cabinetry around your windows.

Furthermore, custom cabinets will be created using quality wood and designed by experts. And they will be built by craftsmen specifically for your home. They will last a lot longer than cheaper units and will open, shut and fit perfectly. So, how do you find a kitchen design and fitting service that does the job well? And that has a reputation for quality work at sensible rates? One of the most popular Raleigh custom cabinets companies is EdgeWood Cabinetry, so to get an idea of what it’s all about, we’ll look in more detail at the process involved in having some of their kitchen cabinets designed and fitted in your home.

How It is Done

A quality kitchen cabinet manufacturer will start by offering the client an initial consultation. This is done either in person or by email and will involve taking measurements and finding out what the client needs. A quote for the work will follow, so you know what it will cost to get your desired cabinets.

If you do not have your own plans, any reputable kitchen company will measure the spaces and draw up their own for your approval, and will then provide you with a virtual 3D presentation of the finished result. This is the opportunity for you to make changes where you want, or for the designer to suggest possible alternatives that may be more practical for the purpose.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the designers at kitchen manufacturers have a wealth of experience in the field. They will do all they can to help meet your design requirements and will offer advice when needed.

Manufacturing and Fitting

Once the design and cost have been finalized and agreed upon, and a contract signed, you only have to wait for the carpenters to create your beautiful kitchen cabinets and the expert fitters to put them in place, and you will finally have that beautiful, custom kitchen that you have always wanted.

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