The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Ventless Gas Fireplace


The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Ventless Gas Fireplace

The cold season brings in a calmness that can only be experienced with the chilly weather. However, the weather also forces people to retreat indoors to the coziness and warmness of their homes. One of the primary sources of comfort during the cold weather is the crackling fire. But not everyone lives in a standalone house or a home with flues and chimneys. The good news is that a modern fireplace is versatile enough to be installed in nearly every setting.

ventless gas fireplace is a common type of these modern units and is better than traditional vented fireplaces. Ventless fireplaces are highly efficient as they do not allow heat to escape through the chimneys. Also, their versatility allows them to be installed in practically all spaces, including houses where venting is not an option. They also tend to be cheaper than traditional fireplaces.

If you are already sold on the idea of purchasing a modern gas fireplace, here are a few factors to consider;


Before purchasing a modern gas fireplace, buyers need to weigh the cost implications of each unit. On the upside, these fireplaces tend to be significantly cheaper than their vented counterparts. Besides, contractors charge more to install the vents. Some units are more expensive than others depending on their design, size, aesthetics, type, features, and installation complexity. Therefore, it is always good to factor in your preferences and labor costs then determine the best fireplace based on your budget.

State Regulations

Unvented fireplaces are accepted in most states. However, this technology is highly regulated in other states and even banned in some. Therefore, you are advised to research regulations around ventless fireplaces in your state. For example, the state of California banned the installation of vent-free fireplaces. Thus, checking in with your state regulations to avoid legal implications is crucial.


The perfect vent-free gas fireplace comes in a size that sits properly in your room. Buying an oversized or tiny unit might stand awkward in the space.

There is a maximum heat allowable for a space depending on its size. Therefore, buyers should calculate their space’s British Thermal Unit (BTU) before settling on a fireplace size. To calculate the BTU of your space, get the cubic feet of the room (width*length*height), then multiply it by 20. For example, if you find that your room is 1000 cubic feet, you should have a fireplace that emits less than 20,000 BTUs. The heat outputs of these units vary depending on their size. The average sizes range from 12 to 42 inches, but that does not mean that you won’t find larger units.


Ventless gas fireplaces come in different designs and materials to match your style. Some of the most common types include single-sided and double-sided units. While the single-sided units only cater for one room, the double-sided fireplaces are installed in a wall dividing two rooms, hence serving both spaces. In terms of materials used in the build, other design options include cast iron, steel, and a wide range of other fireproof materials.

Buyers can also choose to enhance the beauty of their spaces through a wide selection of logs. Some of these vent-free gas fireplaces come with logs designed to give the illusion of lava rocks or natural wood. Others come with sand granules, glowing embers, and wood-like grates to be placed underneath the logs.

Special Features

When purchasing a ventless fireplace, it is also essential to ensure that the design effectively curbs carbon monoxide dangers. This gas is tasteless and odorless, rendering leakage hard to detect if the fireplace is not equipped with the appropriate sensors.

Customers are advised to check for oxygen and carbon monoxide sensors in their units. The oxygen sensors shut the fireplace if they detect an unhealthy oxygen level in a room. On the other hand, the carbon monoxide sensors will shut the unit off if they detect that the carbon monoxide levels in the room are abnormally high.

These are some of the things you need to consider before buying a ventless fireplace for your home. By keeping these things in mind, you can get a device that suits your needs, preferences, and budget. Regardless of your choice, you can always be assured of saving up on energy costs when using modern vent-free fireplaces.

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