The Ultimate Guide To Ride On Mowers

Depending on your needs and how much you’re willing to part with, there’s a wide selection of ride-on mowers available. Mowing your lawn on a ride-on mower can be an exhilarating experience, but nothing kills the fun of an excellent mowing session than the wrong mower. For this reason, you need to make sure you get the right mower for the job. After all, the right ride-on mower not only offers value for money, but it can also make mowing your lawn a pleasure.

The Advantages Of Ride-On Mowers

But why pick a ride-on mower instead of walk mowers? Here are the pros of a ride-on mower:

– Time and energy saving: you spend less effort and time cutting your lawn since it’s easy to work with ride-on mowers.

– They are durable: Typically, a ride-on mower will have a lifespan of over a decade. This makes them an excellent investment.

– Ride-on mowers offer excellent maneuverability.

– Ride-on mowers can cut long grass, making them suitable for large fields.

– They have the all-weather capability and can also operate on rough terrain with ease.

– They are comfortable and fun to use. Ride-on mowers transform a dull and daunting task into a fun and easy task.

Types Of Ride-On Mowers

While there are many reasons for choosing ride-on mowers, you’ll need to understand the different kinds of ride-on mowers available to pick the best option. Choosing which ride-on mower you purchase will be dictated by your needs as well as the features you want. When looking at mowers, you’re likely to bump into the following types:

  1. Zero-Turn-Radius Ride-On Mowers (ZTR)

Zero-turn-radius ride-on mowers are designed to be the ultimate grass cutting machines. ZTR mowers are built with wide-cutting edge and a rear engine. They also have dual hydrostatic transmission to facilitate steering and forward speed. While these mowers have the best speed, their versatility is not the best in the market. They feature varying deck sizes with some mowers having humongous 60-inch cutting decks front caster wheels. Zero-turn-radius mowers also make it easier for you to get into tight spaces.

  1. Rear Engine Ride-On Mowers

If you have a lawn that is too small for a zero-turn-radius mower or the lawn tractor ride-on mower, then rear engine mowers are the best option for you. Deck sizes for rear engine mowers range from 30 to 33 inch. Rear engine ride-on mowers have a vast range of cutting deck lengths.

  1. Lawn Tractors

A majority of lawn tractors have a front engine with some featuring lever-operated gear transmission and other having continuously variable transmission. You can find deck widths that range from 42 to 54 inch. Lawn tractors are excellent for lawn maintenance and suitable for small size properties.

With a plethora of ride-on mowers to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the specifications, features and options available. However, with the right help, you can find the best ride-on mower without sacrificing money or performance. Remember the mower you pick will determine your mowing experience.

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