The Vacation Clash: Should Your Pooch Stay Or Go?


The Vacation Clash: Should Your Pooch Stay Or GoYou’re going on vacation, the whole family, but the dog isn’t sure whether he’ll make it. You see, he’s booked up that week and can’t rearrange. If only! No, he can’t come at the moment because you haven’t decided to bring him along. It isn’t that it’s an impossible task. In fact, Prim Mart has a post which will make it feasible if you’re interested. The issue is the hassle. Will the hotel let the dog stay? Will your pooch feel bad spending hours in a car? Is it fair on your fur-baby? The only way to find out is to consider the following things.

What Are The Options?

It’s tempting to bring the pooch along for the ride, but it depends on what is best for everyone. The dog comes first, which is why an extended dog boarding program may be an excellent option. That way, the pet gets to stay with people who care in a place where he is warm, safe and well-fed. However, there is a cost for this service and money will play a big part. The other thing to consider is a family member/friend. If they can take care of the canine for a week or two, then there are zero budgetary restrictions.

Will Airline/Hotel Allow It?

Say you want to bring the dog along – how are you going to get it there? Normally, airlines are strict regarding pets unless it is a Seeing Eye dog or emotional companion. So, you may have to buy it a seat. Even then, other customers can complain and get it kicked off the flight if they have allergies. A road trip is a far better option because the car is yours and you’re in charge. Still, be wary of the hotel. The accommodation may cancel the booking if they aren’t dog-friendly. Always ask before paying.

What Does The Vet Think?

Okay, the hotel is on board and you are driving so there are no issues on those fronts. Someone can look after him but you want him to come along and enjoy the trip. Great, it seems as if there are no worries whatsoever. Wait a minute, have you spoken to the vet? Some dogs aren’t good travelers and being in an enclosed space for a long period may do him harm. Owners will want the pet to go yet the veterinarian may have other ideas. It’s a bitter pill to swallow but they are the animal experts so you should consider their advice.

Will They Be Safe?

At home, there will be someone to look after them and tend to their needs. On vacation, this may not be the case. No one is saying that you’re a neglecting owner but that the surroundings aren’t perfect. For instance, the hotel may be on a busy road with plenty of traffic. One slip off the lead and there will be an accident. Dogs are better off in wide open spaces where they can roam and run freely.

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