There’s Always Room For Garden Improvements

There should always be room for improvement with anything in life, but we do like to accept it, no we most definitely do not! There’s so many things going on in our day to day life, that we rarely find time to actually do things, let alone improve things. We’re sure you can all agree with that, but we’re sure this one that we’re got for you is a way that you can improve something whilst having fun. Once you get into gardening, it doesn’t seem like a chore, it becomes more of a hobby.

The maintenance things like mowing the lawn might become a little bit annoying, but for the most part, we do feel that garden maintenance is one of the best things that you can do. But, if you consider yourself a bit of a garden novice at the minute, then all you might know how to do is mow the lawn and plant a few plants, but actually maintaining the garden is really hard! So, we’re going to give you some great tips as to what you can do to your garden, and how you can maintain it ready for the summer months!

The Simple Techniques

To master the art of garden improvements, we feel you first need to master the basics that you might be missing at the minute. So, basic number one is ensuring you’re tenders for your plants or shrubbery properly, because you can plant them and watch them grow through lovely, but all you have to do is ignore them for a continued length of time and you could be looking at a ruined garden. The rule is to water them every other day, especially through the summer.

If you’re having a lot of rain water, then there’s no need to water them as you will drown them. But, if it’s the height of summer and you feel as though they’re looking a little parched, just get the watering can out and give them a sprinkle. Plants and shrubs absorb water ever so quickly, and it’s easy to notice the change in them if they were going a little downhill.

You should also think about feeding the soil with nutrients and growth formula so the plants are getting the right nutrients from the soil to stay healthy. But, our top tip is to do a little bit of your research. Sometimes you will find that certain shrubs can’t be hosed down with water all of the time because they will begin to die.

Making It Totally Beautiful

Plant maintenance is actually the hardest thing to master, and we do believe that once you get into it, that will become the hobby for you. It’ll just be so nice to spend some time out in the garden when the sun is shining. You’ll be getting that all important vitamin D, you’ll feel good for spending some time outdoors, and it’ll actually feel like a little project that you can enjoy working on as time goes on. But, to make it totally beautiful, you have to push the boat out a little bit.

For us, this is all the lovely garden ornaments and decorations that you can sprinkle around. You can get painted wooden wheelbarrows which look so cute when you put plants in them. You can get water features that make the most soothing trickling sounds, and the list really could go on. We just recommend that you only stick to a couple of things. You will see some gardens that are just completely covered in ornaments, and we really think it looks too overcrowded.

The Little Touches You Can Do

Sometimes it’s the little touches that count the most, and there definitely are a few you can put in your garden that look great. If you have a nice little decking area, why not think about getting yourself a garden table that you can spend some time around in the summer. There are many different umbrellas that you could put up as well to give you that all important shade on those hot days. But we think having a little social area is so so important if you want add those finishing touches to your garden.

Keeping Up The Appearance

If you’re going to go through all of this effort to make changes to your garden, you might as well try and keep up the appearance of it, and this only happens through maintenance. You need to be tending to your garden every two or three days, sometimes longer if you’re going through a rainy spout!

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