Things to Consider Before Building a Backyard Pond

Even if you cannot wait to start digging a hole for your new backyard pond, there are some things that you should consider beforehand. Those include:


Do some research, as there are areas in which building a pond requires a permit from the local government. Also, check the regulations, as there might be some restrictions about how big the pond can be if the backyard is not fenced


If you have small children, you might want to think twice about building a pond. If you decide to do it, remember to take precautions to prevent an accident from happening


The pond needs to be placed somewhere that is half shady and half sunny. Also, make sure that it is away from the trees, as the roots can easily grow into your pond, and the falling leaves can create muck at its bottom. Another thing worth considering is placing the pond close to the house. This is mostly for your convenience so that when the winter comes, you won’t have to go too far to check on it.


You should think about whether you want an in-ground pond, or if you want to build in a container above the ground. Mind you that the in-ground ones look more natural.

Once you have built your dream backyard pond, you can start thinking about other things, such as the plants and fish that you’re going to place there. If you have no idea and need some inspiration, you can check out this infographic provided by Living Water Aeration.

Things to Consider Before Building a Backyard Pond

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