Things to Prepare for First-Time Cat Owners

Cats are great companions; the snuggles you can get when you get a new cat can warm your heart and put you in a good mood. Although cats do not require as much attention as other pets like dogs, you still need to prepare things before you welcome your new furry friend home. So, if you are planning to adopt a cat, read on to find out how you can be prepared as first-time cat owners.

Things to Prepare for First-Time Cat Owners (1)

Prepare Yourself and Your Family

Be honest with yourself; are you up to taking care of another creature? Also, if you live with your family, you need to check with them if they are okay with the idea of having a cat under their roof because cats can be messy, and they are also very smart and attentive, so if your cat feels like your kids and partner do not like it, then it can get a bit aggressive when they are around. While cats are independent creatures, you cannot leave them for weeks on their own. Thus, if your work requires that you travel a lot, then getting a cat might not be for you.

Get in Touch With a Vet

To be a responsible cat owner, you need to get in touch with a vet and learn more about your cat’s anatomy and habits. Your vet can walk you through the first few weeks of having to take care of your cat. They will recommend the types of food, daily cleaning routines, and medical advice in case you face any problems. In addition, your vet might also recommend some vaccinations to keep your cat safe and free of any illnesses. Having a vet for your cat allows you to check that your pet has the right protection against fleas and ticks. So, instead of diving headfirst and freaking out whenever your cat gets sick, getting all this information beforehand can be pretty useful.

Buy Its Litter Box

Cats generally like relieving themselves in litter boxes, and while you can train your cat to use your toilet, this is not very sanitary or even practical. So, be prepared to scoop waste from your cat’s litter every day. There are many litter and litter boxes to choose from. You can even get cat litter flushable instead of throwing it away in the trash.

You can get automatic litter boxes to spare yourself the trouble, as these time saving devices have sensors that can detect if your cat has used the litter. They also remove wastes automatically to eliminate your cat’s litter odors. With such boxes, you can stop worrying about cleaning the litter box if you have a busy schedule and spend more time playing with your kitty.

Get Other Pet Products to Keep Your Cat Clean

Your cat will be able to efficiently groom itself without your help, but this does not mean you should just leave it to do all the work. You need to get products like shampoos and brushes to keep your cat’s coat shiny and well-maintained. Nevertheless, do not use your own shampoo on your cat because the harsh chemicals in it can ruin its fur. Instead, get special shampoos that are made for pets. Also, splurge a bit on brushes and combs to help untangle your cat’s fur and prevent it from getting matted.

Cat-Proof Your House

You need to take the known proverb that says, “curiosity killed the cat” quite literally if you want to adopt one. You might have heard about baby-proofing your house, but what about cat-proofing? Well, your cat can wander around, getting itself into all sorts of sticky situations when you leave it unsupervised. To ensure that your cat stays safe, cover any exposed wires and make sure to keep electronics out of its reach. Also, always cover your washing machine and dryer, you never know what your cat might get up to.

cat eating from a bowl

Avoid Continuous Feeding Bowls

You may be tempted to get one of those continuous feeding bowls to stop worrying about feeding your cat every few hours, but this is only a good idea if you are leaving it alone in the house for a few days. Giving your cat unrestricted access to food all the time can cause many health issues like obesity and indigestion. However, that does not mean you cannot use such bowls for water.

Welcoming a new pet home can be pretty exciting, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. As a new cat owner, you need to prepare yourself for such responsibility, stay in contact with your vet, and get products like litter boxes, bowls, and grooming equipment to make sure that your cat stays healthy. In no time, you will enjoy playing and snuggling with your kitty without worrying about such details.

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