Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Spa

buying a hot tub

You’ve decided to buy a hot tub for your backyard. You’ve been reading about the different models on the market and you can’t seem to make up a decision because the information that is available is overwhelming. Most homeowners will make the purchasing decision solely on the aesthetics of the spa. There is a lot more that goes on beneath the surface and that is where the focus should be if you’re to get an efficient unit that you will enjoy for a long time. There are some key considerations you should be having in mind when buying a hot tub and we’re going to highlight some of them.


The dimensions of the hot tub will be dependent on the number of seats you intend to have in the spa. Buy a hot tub that’s can accommodate only a few people will guarantee maximum comfort. As much as length and width will be the main priorities, the height of the unit will also matter a great deal. A shorter tube means that you will not be able to immerse yourself fully in the water.


When looking at the jets, more doesn’t always necessarily mean better. The most important factors when looking at the jet will be the design and positioning. You will need more pressure pumps the more jets that you have. The pump power will need to be factored in when searching for the hot tub. The design of the jet will be crucial because it will determine the pressure delivery. Think about the different pressure delivery systems in the hot tub. It can be hard to imagine if you’ve never owned a spa before.

Water Capacity

Water capacity will be determined by the size of the hot tub. The larger the hot tub, the more gallons it can carry. The water capacity will have a bearing on the time that it will take to fill or drain the tub.


The pumps will determine the kind of pressure released by the jets. The pressure that is released will be important if you’re depending on your backyard spa for pain relief. If it is just for relaxation, the pressure might not be that important. For a baseline comparison, you can use 10.5% of one horsepower. This information might be confusing for someone that has never owned or bought a hot tub before.


Wattage can be established by multiplying amps and voltage. You might not have a clear understanding of what wattage stands for when buying a hot tub. The basic principles are quite easy to understand. A spa with high wattage will consume more electricity compared to one with a lower wattage. Wattage will also be a major determinant when it comes to performance. The higher the wattage, the better the performance.


The tub heater will have one main role and that is will be to heat the water. A high voltage unit will use more electricity to heat up the water. The only advantage is that it won’t have to run for long which could save you electricity in the long run. Even if you will be using a contractor, it is important to have an understanding of what you will be buying.

The Stats

According to statistics, there are more than 5.8 million hot tubs in American households. This does not come as a surprise since hot tubs could last up to 20 years if they’re well maintained. Most of the hot tubs are owned by families in single-family detached residences. Such housing styles provide privacy and the majority of the installations are done in the backyard. The most common type of hot tub is above-ground style. This allows for versatility when it comes to installation.

The average cost of installing a spa in the United States is set at $318. The size and location will have a big bearing on the installation cost.

How Much Will a Hot Tub Cost to Run

According to statistics, it will cost you from $10 to $20 to run a hot tub. It should be noted that there are some variables that could change the running costs. You should expect to pay more in energy bills during winter to run the hot tub. The more you use the tab, the more you can expect to pay in electricity bills. Having a modern hot tub that is energy efficient will save on power bills in the long run. The advantages of buying a hot tub will be worth it in the end.

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