Thinking of Getting A Water Heater but Can’t Choose Between Gas or Electric?

Thinking of Getting A Water Heater but Can’t Choose Between Gas or Electric

In most modern homes, water heaters mostly come in two forms- electric or gas. What determines which goes into which home is mostly availability and price of either gas and electricity.

You  also have the option of solar-powered water heaters, but oil and gas heaters continue to be more popular.


A majority of Australian homes prefer using gas for heating their water: up to 70% of households. As previously stated, the price distinction between the two commodities is usually the deciding factor on the choice of water heater.  Currently, numerous channels are featuring DIY programs. Some of the content covered is practical and helpful.

But, when it comes to gas or electric heater hook-ups- it’s recommended to leave it to qualified technicians who can offer same day hot water services. They have the necessary skills to ensure that your installation is done to code- therefore guaranteeing you hot water when you want it.

This includes the proper connection of the temperature and pressure relief tube and relief valve. They relieve the heater and prevent it from overheating should the temperature control malfunction.

 Comparison between gas and electric water heaters

Both gas and electric heaters require little maintenance once installed. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye open to potential issues. Flushing water heaters each year prolongs the unit’s lifespan.

It serves to remove any sediments which may have built up over the months. This is easy to do, but you may need a certified same day hot water services technician to examine the sediments. By doing this, it’s easier for you to judge the quality of the water you receive.

Unlike their electric counterparts, gas units require lighting of the pilot light. To do this, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Benefits of gas heaters

  • Faster heating compared to electric hot water cylinders.
  • Lower energy cost makes operating a gas heater cheaper than an electric heater.
  • Simpler installation process.
  • Cleaner water.

 Benefits of electric heaters

  • Electric water heaters tend to be safer compared to their counterparts.
  • You require no venting of the hazardous gases from the combustion process.
  • Better in-door air quality.
  • Simple and convenient.
  • Electric heaters tend to be more efficient than gas-fired heaters.

In the end, both systems function remarkably well. The question of whether to install gas or electric comes down to personal preference.   For instance, you may not like the idea of having an open flame around your home, while others may be concerned with unexpectedly running out of gas and power outages. If you’re not sure yet on which is better for your needs, you should check out some reviews of what models are currently out there on the market, on a review site such as

While shopping for a water heater for your business or home, it’s recommended that you speak with certified same day hot water services contractors. They can help you pick the right unit (gas or electric) suitable for your lifestyle, comfort, budget, family size, etc.

Lastly, look for a firm that’s near to where your building or home is. This way, if you need assistance with fixing an issue with the system, you don’t have to wait long until they arrive.   As always, shop around and compare various quotes before settling on a particular company.

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