Tigard Oregon Locksmith 97223 Tips on Avoiding Hiring a Fraudulent Locksmith

When we look for a locksmith, we tend to search locally. Though that grants a certain level of convenience, one pressing issue still exists. Locally multiple scam companies project themselves as professional locksmiths. Unfortunately, there is no accurate way to find out whether the company is trustworthy or not.

Tips on Avoiding Hiring a Fraudulent Locksmith

Once you get trapped, it would take you some time to realize that they are not as qualified as they claim to be. To avoid this situation, read with us some tips to avoid hiring a fraudulent locksmith.

Search for an actual local locksmith

With the internet being strong, we always look for a service provider through online searches. If a company’s name comes up with random searches like “Locksmith services,” this implies that probably the company is not even registered.

In case, you find a company with a local address, mention find out if that address exists in reality. Moreover, if a company calls with an 800 phone number, that is a red flag too. Visit the Alohomora website to get in touch with locksmiths who know their work well.

Check ID and licenses

You cannot just allow anyone to get access to your door locks. Before you entrust any work to the person, make sure you have checked his ID and license. Though only 15 states make it mandatory for a locksmith to have a license, you can still check the ID.

If the person arrives in an unmarked vehicle and cannot prove his association with the company, do not believe in his credentials.

Ask for the costing

A fraud locksmith would first suggest a lower cost to bait you. However, as the work proceeds, the end bill would be higher as they add extra expenses. To avoid this situation check the cost he has suggested.

If the quote is between $15 and $40, ask the person to leave immediately. Any average lock work costs $60, and any price below it is just a ploy to get you on board.

Find out any additional charges

Inquire for any additional charges like emergency hours, mileage, or any service call costs they can add later on. A scammer might also try to convince you that the lock of your car or home is obsolete.

They could charge you a considerable amount showing a new type of lock that is more secure. Do not fall into the trap, and if the person is unwilling to answer your queries, avoid him.

Do not let him drill the lock

Drilling the lock is certainly not the right way to manage your lock problems. Suppose the locksmith is suggesting that, does not believe him. Drilling is only required for extremely high-security locks. Most locksmiths have the skills to open any kind of door with ease.


Hiring the services of a locksmith should never become a problem for you. Always follow the above points to avoid choosing someone who is only there to make some extra bucks at your expense. Call only registered companies and check online reviews before assigning your work to anyone.


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