Time-Saving Tips: 5 Simple Strategies to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

Time-Saving Tips 5 Simple Strategies to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

It can sometimes seem like there are never enough hours in the day to complete everything you need to do. Even your mornings can be rushed as you must find the time to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and line up for a freshly-brewed cup of coffee at your local café. 

As tight for time as you might be, there are ways to speed up your morning routine and start the day on a high. Here are some of the simplest and most effective strategies for beginning each day the right way: 

Brewing Coffee At Home

Many people can’t start their day without a cup of coffee. It’s the pick-me-up you need to avoid arriving bleary-eyed at the office. Rather than wasting time finding a parking space at your local coffee shop and waiting in line, buy coffee beans online instead. 

By brewing your own coffee, you have complete control of your morning timeline and can leave the house much later than you could if you had to stop at a café on the way to work. You might also find that you save a considerable sum of money by not having to spend upwards of $2 on each cup of black coffee you buy. 

Use a Shower Timer

It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts and the comfort of the warm water while showering. You might have only meant to spend a few minutes freshening yourself up, but those minutes can pass by quickly. 

If you’re aware that your long showers are causing you to be late for work, consider setting a timer. Most health experts recommend a maximum shower length of five to ten minutes, so you might like to set a timer for somewhere in between. 

Prepare the Night Before

As tempting as it can be to leave those essential tasks to the morning so that you can spend more time relaxing in the evening, you’re not doing your future self any favors. The more jobs you leave for the morning, the more rushed and flustered you will feel. 

Get into the habit of doing as many preparation tasks as possible at night, such as lunch-making, grooming, and household chores. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by how much free time you have in the mornings to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. 

Get Everyone Involved

If you have children, they can be just as involved in your morning routine as you are. Not only do you have to get yourself ready for the day, but you also have to make sure your children have everything they need, which can take time. 

Make your morning routine much more manageable by setting tasks for your children to manage independently. They might be simple things like putting their homework and lunch in their school bags and pulling up their bed covers. The less you have to do for them, the more free time you can have. 

Stay Off Your Phone

Most Americans have smartphones, and it’s easy to lose track of time while checking emails and browsing social media. If you know that your mobile phone is your enemy in the morning, refrain from using it until you’ve achieved everything you need to do. 

Many people’s morning routines can be chaotic, and it can sometimes seem like there’s never enough time to achieve everything. However, by doing just a few of the things listed above, you’ll be well on your way to a calmer, more enjoyable morning routine for everyone in your household.

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