Tips And Benefits Of Using Spray Foam

Happy and healthy home is the beginning for all great things. It is necessary to keep that great home secure for its residents. Battling with the temperature throughout a year can be a severe nuisance. That why it is best to have your homes insulated which paves the way to keep your home warm in winter and cold in summer.

Insulation Methods:

There are various types of insulation methods like concrete block insulation, blanket batts and rolls, foam board or rigid foam insulation, insulating concrete foam, fiber insulation, etc. But the best type of insulation is spray foam insulation. Since spray foam insulations require high technical knowledge, it is sensible to rope in a professional insulation company like Nova spray foam.

Foam Insulation:

  •  There are two different forms of spray foam insulation: injection foam and spray foam.
  • Injection foam, hollow spaces are identified, and they are injected into them, they fill up the hollow space. They are a great choice in insulating existing structures.
  • Spray foam is sprayed in a liquid state in new construction, attic, etc. the foam then expands and fills the hollow space. It can be carried out in two ways open-cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam.

Open Cell Spray Foam:

Due to its composition, it is very flexible and light. As it dries, the gas inside the cell escapes through openings in the cell’s wall which builds up the foam. As it settles, it shifts.

Closed Cell Spray Foam:

It is a much heavier structure, and it is known for its dense characteristics. The dense surface developed by it is more resistant to weathering and temperature change.

The benefit In Using Spray Foam Method:

It has the highest R-value; R-value means the capacity of an insulating material to resist the flow of heat. So the higher the quality of insulating power of a material, the greater will be the R-value assigned to the material. Due to their high capacity to resist the flow of heat spray foam has high R-value. Their R-value will remain stable over time.

Provides total air seal, since they expand 100 times greater than their liquid volume they leave no hollow spaces for the air to penetrate through. This results in moisture-resistant which in turn pave the way for cutting down the opportunity for the growth of mold.

Eliminates the roof condensation, it eliminates the possibility of roof condensation as the foam develops the dense surface.

Adds structural strength, it adds structural strength to the building as the air spaces are completely blocked there will be no space for the water to peep through the structure. This eliminates heavy structural damages as water that enters the structure will go heavy damages to the steel structures of a building.

The highest performance, of all insulation methods possible spray insulation, is very effective and results in very high performance.

Saves energy, as the air spaces are eliminated the temperature inside the structure will remain stable.

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