Tips for Designing a Farmhouse-Style Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens are quickly becoming one of the most popular styles for our cooking spaces. Here we have some indispensable tips for people who are designing the rustic, farmhouse kitchen of their dreams.

Choose the Right Flooring

Though it is often overlooked, and the last thing many people think about when designing their kitchen, your choice of flooring is incredibly important if you want the right look and style in your kitchen.

For a farmhouse-style kitchen, hardwood flooring or large slate or stone is the best choice. This helps to give your cooking space a rustic and homely look, and the colours of hardwoods or slate will often add some contrast and depth to your space and complete the look.

Choose the Right Countertops

Another important choice for achieving the farmhouse-style is your choice in countertop material. There is a huge range of options available to you, but not all will suit a rustic, farmhouse style.

Living edge style countertops have become very fashionable lately, but may look out of place and too contemporary for a farmhouse kitchen. Granite and stone are also often inappropriate and will not give you the right look to complement the rest of your kitchen. Hardwoods in a shade that works with your cupboards are the best choice. Cream and light coloured cupboards are the preferred colour for a farmhouse-style kitchen so choose natural, light-coloured hardwood to work with these cupboards rather than to contrast with them. Hunter Hall Design has decades of experience in kitchen design, and their experts have the skills and knowledge you will need to help you find the right surfaces for your farmhouse-style kitchen.

Add the Right Accessories

Modern style accessories often don’t suit the style of a farmhouse kitchen. Accessories are important in any space but in a cooking area they are more than just decorative, they will be used regularly.

To help complete the farmhouse look, choose retro style pots and pans such as ceramics or copper. Coloured kitchen accessories can help add some depth and style accents to your farmhouse kitchen, so try to pick a colour that will suit your space and accessorise in that shade. Stay away from stainless steel accessories and appliances as their style is far too contemporary for a rustic, farmhouse kitchen.

Use Wood Paneling and Classic Tiles for Your Walls

Wood paneling is a great choice for a rustic, farmhouse-style kitchen and gives you the option of painting them in a complimentary colour to bring added brightness to your space. You can also leave them with their natural colour, but make sure they are well varnished or sealed to protect them against moisture, such as steam.

Tiling is the perfect choice in a kitchen, especially for splashbacks behind your cooking hub or behind the farmhouse kitchen sink. Make sure you choose a classically styled tile and stay away from contemporary patterns or geometric shapes. Thick, oblong-shaped tiles suit the farmhouse style best and consider alternating black and white tiles to add some patterning without choosing a modern tile.

Stick to our tips and you won’t go wrong. The farmhouse-style is perfect for just about any kitchen space and can make the heart of your home a welcoming and relaxing cooking space.

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