Tips For Finding The Best Fabric For Your Sofa

Your sofa could be one of the most usable furniture in your home. This is where your visitors sit or where you cuddle with your family and pets or even eat snacks while watching television. Due to its high traffic and usability, it is only necessary that you turn it to be the most comforting place to sit, lie and relax.

The fabric of the sofa can make or break the overall convenience and relaxation it can offer, hence it is only necessary that you choose the best fabric suitable to your needs. There are many options of fabrics to choose in the market, hence it sometimes becomes a challenge for people who do not know how to properly choose the right fabric to dress up their sofa. This article will help you in determining the most suitable fabric to use.

Tips for Finding The Best Fabric For Your Sofa

Below Are Some Tips You Can Use When Finding The Right Fabric For Your Sofa:

  • Know Your Budget

Sure, knowing your budget is the first thing you need to look into when choosing fabric. There are fabrics, like velvet, that despite its cheap price offers good and fair quality. Although, such fabrics may offer very limited color options. Hence if you want to get tons of color options, instead of sticking with just the cheaper choices, go for more expensive ones. Asking for swatches is best so you can determine your overall satisfaction from it.

  • The Overall Use Of The Sofa

If you expect your sofa to be used harshly and be placed in higher traffic parts of the house, use durable fabrics like microfiber or curduroy blends. If you have pets or children inside the house and you expect them to jump and play on the sofa, best to consider cotton fabric. Meanwhile, chenilles or velvet must be avoided if you only have limited time to maintain and you want to get rid of hiring a cleaner to properly maintain its appearance.

  • Try Before Buying

Sure, there is nothing better than trying the fabric before making a final purchase. You may want to visit the showroom of the particular shop you plan to buy the fabric or least go to a shop and check on the available fabrics they have and try it. Trying it yourself can help you a lot in choosing and deciding the best fabric for your comfort and skin too.

  • Ask For Other Options Than Those Of The Swatches

Never be contented with what you see in the market or online. Call the respective customer service team and ask for other options of fabrics they may have apart from the ones on display. Never limit your options especially that there are tons of fabrics best to fit a sofa.

Moving on, there are many shops in the market that offer fabrics for sofa and other upholstery, like Maker&Son, visiting them through their website or their showroom is recommended to see what the shop has to offer.

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