Tips for the Workplace after You’ve Changed Your Name Legally

There are different motivations for a woman to want to change her name, divorce, marriage, or even death. However, given the number of social and professional identification channels that is a reflection of our identity, the process of changing one’s name can be a daunting one. If you change your last name, there are a few steps to follow at the workplace to make the transition as painlessly and uncomplicated as possible. Here are the preparations and name-change notifications that can be done before changing your last name legally:

Company Nameplate And Business Cards

Equal to when your business information change or the business email account, you will probably want to have your name altered on your business cards too. Contact the human resources department to notify them of the change, and it’s best to submit this request at least three weeks before you are to be wed. This way, your cards will be done by the time you get back from your honeymoon. The same applies to company-issued nametags or door decals that display your name.

Email Forwarding

  • Most organizations use a name or both the name and surname of a person within their email address. Therefore, your email might have to be changed to reflect the new surname.
  • Remember to request for a new email address a few weeks before the wedding. The IT department should be capable of assisting you.
  • Request a mail-forward be placed on your old account to your new account indeterminately so that all your emails are delivered to you no matter which addresses they are sent to.
  • Make sure you test out both accounts to ascertain that both are working. Also, send outgoing emails from the new account.
  • Set an away alert to be forwarded to your new email account and make sure the change of email notification is included if you’re going on honeymoon right after the wedding. For more information on making a name change, click here.
  • Once you’ve returned to work after your marriage, send out a change-of-email notification from the new email to all your active email contacts.

Social Media

If you’re utilizing social media like LinkedIn, make sure your name and email information are changed on the account once you return to work.

Company Directory And Outgoing Voicemail Messaging

Remember to record a new message for an outgoing voicemail with your new last name. If your phone has an electronic index that searches for employees according to their last name, request that both your maiden and married surnames be entered into the directory.

Other Changes

Once your marriage license is filed with the state, and you’ve received the marriage, changed your name legally and obtained your new driver’s license, you can proceed with changing your name with:

Licensing Boards And Professional Memberships

Many professional institutions may require your last name and email address for updating their records. If you are a lawyer, doctor, teacher, or another form of licensed expert, you must also change your name and contact details with the state licensing boards. To make such changes, you’ll probably require a copy of your social security card with the new surname or the marriage certificate.

Health Insurance, Payroll, Investment Benefits

You’ll need to visit the human resources department a few weeks after getting married, and your name has been legally changed. The human resources department will sign the documents required for changing your name for direct deposits, payroll, health insurance, and investment accounts via your employer as well as for employee benefit plans.

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