Tips on Finding the Best Statue for Your Garden

Many people will seek refuge from the summer heat in their backyards or terraces. A garden is also an ideal place for morning coffee. There’s no better way to start the day than with the chirping of birds and heavenly scents around you.

Besides, decorating the exterior can be an exciting and inspiring hobby. Your yard is probably a place where you spend a lot of time, depending on weather conditions. If you arrange it as you imagined, you can turn it to the place for rest, reading, thinking, or gathering with friends.

You can turn one part of the yard (or as much space as you can) into a garden full of greenery and flowers. Think of arranging paths and patios or a particular corner for a summer house. More ideas on garden design check on this page.

Often, decorating a garden doesn’t require too much money, but creativity and some DIY skills. A neat and stylish outdoor oasis is something that every house owner should be proud of. A variety of flowers, low vegetation, trees, landscaped paths, and vacation spots are integral parts of your piece of heaven.

Garden Accessories

If you want to give your outdoor corner a new dimension, think of accessories. Statues, fountains, pools, and various other things can be excellent decorations for the outside area. They serve to ‘break’ all those greenery a little, or, if your yard is too colorful, to give a calmer note to the whole space.

Statues are excellent garden decorations. Back in the days, they were intended for spacious and formal outdoor areas. Today, you can see them in gardens of all sizes. Whether they have some symbolism or just fit well into the environment, these accessories complete the look of any yard.

Garden statues are mostly made by casting materials into molds. The higher quality (and more expensive) sculptures are handmade. You will decide on the one that suits your yard, style, but also your budget. The statue must be made of a material that can withstand weather conditions and temperature changes.

Consider Many Factors when Choose Statue Material

Since they are part of outdoor decoration, statues must be made of durable materials to withstand wind, heavy rainfall, and high heat. The prices of materials vary a lot, but their performance and aesthetics also differ.

Before choosing a statue, you need to know its location. It is not advisable to buy statues and then move them here and there until you find a suitable place. You should have an idea of ​​where you’ll place these accessories and make it easier to choose the shape and type of statue.

Stylish and Long-lasting

If you have no budget limits for outdoor décor, the choice is quite easy – marble or bronze. Some of the most beautiful monuments were made of marble because it resists time quite well. As the years go by, this material doesn’t change its original color and looks very decorative. For gardens full of shrubs without too many flowers, white marble statues can be an excellent contrast to the greenery.

Bronze can change color slightly, but it’s very long-lasting. Cast bronze is the best choice for figures in action. You should opt for this material as it can be easily processed to create fine lines of movement. Statues like this are a good choice for yards with lots of trees or large lawns.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Terracotta statues are a cheaper alternative, but an equally stylish bronze alternative. Due to its reddish shades, this material is suitable for traditional gardens where natural materials, such as stone and wood, predominate.

If you think of concrete & stone garden statues, they may not have the aesthetic value of marble or granite sculptures. But these accessories can also be effective. Concrete is a very ‘thankful’ material because you can do a lot of things with it. The mixture with cement is poured into molds, and various shapes can be made. You can add special concrete paint in this mixture if you want to avoid ‘boring’ gray.

Metal statues are a great addition to modern landscaped gardens. They aren’t suitable for rainy and stormy areas with high humidity. Due to moisture, the metal will oxidize, change color over time, and become brittle. The same goes for wood, except that too warm climate doesn’t suit it either. Homeowners prefer wooden and metal accessories because of their ease of transport and affordability.

Some Ideas on Statue Location

To an untrained eye, it may seem that the statues in the garden have a purely decorative role and serve to fill the space. In fact, figurines placed in the right spots attract attention and ‘point out’ the beauty of your outdoor oasis.

For large spaces, you can choose statues of different sizes and shapes. Just arrange them so that each one stands out. You can group two or three, but do this with sense (you can’t combine Roman sculpture with a garden gnome). For smaller yards, these accessories must be smaller and separated. Also, you shouldn’t have too many of them. Otherwise, your little piece of heaven might look overcrowded.

Smaller figures can be placed in flower beds or between shrubs. If necessary, place them on a stand. Garden gnomes of various colors made of terracotta are excellent for rustic gardens. If you are not a dwarf fan or your yard is too fancy to ‘host’ a gnome, you can place ceramic frogs or metal fairies somewhere in bushes or branches.

Below, check some ideas on DIY décor made of terracotta:

Human-Like Figures

In the spacious courtyards, tall, human-like sculptures serve to ‘fix’ the views and bring life to all those trees and bushes. These statues should stand on some prominent points or natural elevations. Good locations are places you want to emphasize, such as flower beds of unusual shape or exotic plants that decorate your garden.

If you have landscaped paths in your garden, you are probably excited when your guests want to walk around and admire your outdoor oasis. Make it even more magnificent by placing several of the same or similar statues along the paths. Replicas of Greek or Roman statues are the right choice (avoid nude ones).

House owners who have spacious backyards know how much landscaping can sometimes be a daunting task. But once you step into the magical garden that looks as you imagined, you realize it was worth it. It might have taken a lot of money, time, and energy to arrange your outdoor oasis. Carefully chosen garden statues are a cherry on top.

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