Tips on How to Cope with Borderline Personality Disorder

Tips on How to Cope with Personality Disorders

Coping Skills

A great way to self-help with a borderline personality disorder is to engage in coping skills. This just simply means that you can undergo training for coping. Some of these simple and effective techniques will allow you to use them in the home and to support the development of skills.

However, it should be noted that BPD coping skills tend to focus on managing emotional instability, and anger control. The following techniques can be helpful for these instances:

  • Meditation and deep breathing are helpful stress-reduction techniques
  • Being active or simply doing yoga or walking is very effective
  • You can even distract yourself with a funny movie, some music, or even something that you find enjoyable
  • Keeping yourself grounded
  • Reaching out to your friends and family is excellent for support
  • Persons battling BPD often tend to have several issues within their relationships. As such, you can benefit from communication skills and seeing that the other person’s point of view is valid.

Emotional Expression

BPD is associated with a ton of emotions. However, most people in this situation often find it hard to express the emotions that burn on the inside. It should be noted that suppressing these emotions doesn’t make them fade but instead leaves you focusing on the root of your emotions.

Due to this, it is recommended that you find another healthy form of self-expression. Blogging, keeping a journal, or even forms of art is helpful. Music, dancing, and singing are all great for coping with your emotions. If you have a fancy for expressive writing, this can also offer benefits such as reduced psychological and physical health issues.

While these can be either triggering or overwhelming, it’s best to talk with a therapist about outlets for expressing your emotions. They will be able to help you with things that feel better for you.


Persons with BPD can benefit from this in many ways. It encourages them to be aware of feelings, thoughts, and even sensations. Being mindful allows you to identify moments where these symptoms are intense.

As such, mindful meditation is a special technique that can aid with managing these symptoms. It even reduces your stress and helps with multitasking. The daily battle with BPD is hard but there are effective tactics to help you get through each day.


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