Tips on Making Your Home Ready for Sale

When it comes to selling your home, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance, especially in a locality with plenty of houses for sale. The buyer will be spoilt for choice, so you have to ensure that your home is in pristine condition. It is advisable to wear your buyer’s hat and explore your home as if it is your first time there. Identify all of the repairs you would wish to have done and areas to be fixed and work on them. Moreover, some preparations include removing family photos, eliminating clutter, putting away excess furniture, and getting the closets clean.

Below are some tips on how to prepare your home for sale:

Remove personal items

Do you want the buyer to feel and envision themselves as the owner of the home? You need to put away your items such as photos of your family members, souvenirs, your children’s artwork, and many other items. Make the place as impersonal as possible to make the buyer feel like they are already the homeowner. Let them visualize the house decorated with their photos, art collections, furniture, and other stuff. The idea is to let them see it as their future home.

Declutter the house

You may be surprised how many items you have accumulated during your stay in your home. Some of the reasons why people amass such things are due to personal or sentimental attachments, having plans to gift them to others, intentions to reuse or repair the items in the future, sell them, and so on. When decluttering, a great rule of thumb is to do away with half of the items including furniture, reading materials, and even clothes in the closets. This makes smaller spaces look bigger.

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Do a deep cleaning

Although you may have been staying in that house, it could have accumulated lots of dust and all sorts of dirt. You need to do a deep cleaning of the house. Make sure that the windows are cleaned inside and out, the dust is removed from exhaust fans, and vacuum areas that need it. The essence of deep cleaning is because buyers pay attention to details even when a house seems neat. If you have already vacated the house or are too busy to clean it yourself, you could hire cleaning services to do a thorough cleaning after every couple of weeks.

Do the minor repairs

While you could sell a house in a lived-in condition in a sellers’ market (when there are few houses) with few complaints, in a buyer’s markets or regular market, repairs could affect a sale. You need to take care of broken windows, leaky faucets, leaky roofs, and other issues that could discourage a potential buyer.

Other than the above preparations, ensure that you have repainted your home in neutral colors that appeal to most people. Also, eliminate odors by removing litter bins and spraying air neutralizer. It would help if you also improved your landscaping by making the curbs appealing. Moreover, let the house have plenty of light by drawing curtains and opening windows, and if possible, adding floor or table lamps.

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