Tips On What To Do When You’re Locked Out Of Your Car

A car lockout can happen to you at any given time for whatever. It’s possible that you’ve either locked your keys inside the car, it may have broken off inside the lock, or you might have lost them altogether. It can happen anywhere and at any given time. However, if this happens to you, it is crucial to remain calm and steer clear from doing anything that may cause injury to your person or damage to your vehicle.

Locking Yourself Out Of Your Vehicle

Whatever the reason for having locked yourself out of the vehicle, you can perhaps find a way of getting into your car after all, by checking each door. If the keys are locked inside the care or are lost, there may be one door that is not closed properly. Make sure you check all the windows and doors. Once you’ve managed to get in via this route, be sure to repair the malfunctioning lock as soon as possible to avoid future break-in attempts. If you’ve managed to find the keys but the door lock is malfunctioning or damaged, give the other lock cylinders of the car a try. You might be able to enter through the trunk. Also, try using the physical key in case something is amiss with the car’s remote. Be sure to check out locksmith FAQ for more information about locksmith services.

Phoning A Friend Or Relative

If you are in the vicinity of a friend or relative’s house, give them a call to see if they can come and assist you. Being locked out of your vehicle, automatically places you in a vulnerable position, despite it not being a serious roadside emergency. It is always recommended to let close family or friends know where you are and when you’re facing a situation that can be potentially dangerous. They may even be able to bring useful supplies to help you with unlocking the door (i.e. shoelaces, wire coat hanger, comparable string, etc).

Obtaining Professional Assistance

If you’re a member of roadside assistance support, then they can send someone to your location to assist you with unlocking your car. In some areas you can even call the police to assist you with a car lockout, but it is not always wise to clog the line if your situation is not pressing, for instance, your child is locked in as well. For individuals who are not customers of roadside assistance, phoning a car locksmith would be the best solution. They can open the vehicle without damaging your vehicle as well as tend to the malfunctioning lock that landed you in this situation in the first place. If the key is lost or stolen, they can install a new lock and issue you with a new key in no time.


There are numerous ways of unlocking a locked car without your key, however calling a locksmith is the most sensible choice when it comes to unlocking the vehicle without causing further damage. Avoid breaking the window since it can damage your car further or you may up injuring yourself. Rather stick to the tips mentioned above.

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