Tips to Choose the Right Dresses for Vacation


Tips to Choose the Right Dresses for Vacation

Choosing the right dresses for a vacation can be somewhat difficult. The difficulty is further increased if you have to pack just a few of your lovely dresses. Hence, each decision must be made in such a way that any dress chosen must be very relevant.

Therefore, to help you in making this tough decision, we have come up with 6 tips that will help you decide which dress is fit for your next vacation. These tips come in form of questions so that you can always ask yourself these questions for each planned vacation.

Is it suitable for my vacation destination? – Tip #1

When one goes on a vacation, one of the fun activities they engage in is exploring their vacation destination. You get to enjoy the thrills of the city by visiting historical sites, restaurants and you also partake in the nightlife of the city (if they have one).

While moving through the city, you must be clothed in a dress that is suitable and acceptable. Some cities do not permit revealing dresses; hence, you need to pick clothes that are not just fashionable, but also acceptable in such locations. Visit to see the places with strict dress codes and those with no rules at all.

Furthermore, apart from being acceptable, the dress worn must be suitable. If your vacation is a trip to the Himalayas, then you won’t be dressing in light fabric because the conditions of that location demand thick clothing.

Is it multi-purpose? – Tip #2

While you can have a specific type of dress for special occasions and settings, the best way to pack is to go for clothes that can fit a wide range of occasions.

While making this decision, don’t be hung up on “convertible dresses”. Certain convertible dresses do not really work for multiple purposes. Clothing that you can dress down or up is more perfect.

How durable is it? – Tip #3

Your clothes also undergo stress when packed for a trip; therefore, you need to pack clothing that can withstand the compression in the bag or box.

Besides, since most people travel light, they end up using their clothes repeatedly more than they usually do especially if the vacation lasts a while. Hence, the clothes are then exposed to frequent use followed by frequent washing.

Therefore, the dresses you pick should be very durable and less likely to wear out after wearing and washing them a few times.

Tips to Choose the Right Dresses for Vacation

How much bag space will it take? – Tip #4

Choose dresses that are compact because the less compact they are, the more bag space they require. However, if such a dress is one that you can use for multiple occasions and will mix easily with other travel dresses, it is better you pack such. This is because their advantages outweigh their bulkiness. A good example of this kind of dress is jeans. Click here to discover more of such dresses.

Does it dry quickly? – Tip #5

As we mentioned above, most folks travel with few clothes during vacations. Therefore, they might end up having to wash many of the clothes even while on vacation.

Hence, it is advisable that you do not pack dresses that will take a while to dry after washing. Go for clothes that dry out in less than 24 hours. If you don’t know which of your clothes fit this description, try the test below…

Wash the cloth and dry it in your bathroom and time how long it takes to dry. If it dries within 24 hours then it is fit for your vacation. If it requires over 24 hours to dry, then it is not a good choice.

Can it be mixed and matched with other selected clothing? – Tip #6

Choosing vacation dresses requires careful selection and planning. Hence, select clothes that match and mix with other clothes that you’ve selected. The more combinations a dress can be used in, the more suitable it is for selection. You should always be on the lookout for cloth matching ideas.

What if you pack a dress that isn’t suitable?

If this occurs, then you have several options:

  • Carry it with you until you return home.
  • Send it back home if you really think it’s worth it.
  • Give it out.


With the tips above, we are sure that you will only be choosing dresses that are suitable for your next vacation trip.

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