Tips to Clear a Blocked Toilet Without Any Tools

If you’d like to admit it or not, we have all been there. You just finished what you had to do, and, somehow, your toilet is clogged. You reach for the plunger, but there is none. While it would be the easiest to simply call emergency plumbers and have them fix it, we sometimes just want to be our own hero. Here are some lifesaving tips and hacks on how to get yourself out of this very unfortunate situation.

1. Dish soap, your friend and helper

This is probably one of the least messy and most natural tricks. Soap is everyday use household item to hand, liquid soap is recommended. About 100 millilitres of soap should already be enough to do the job. What you do is, you pour your previously measured soap into the toilet. In this case the soap operates as a lubricant, and if you’re lucky, it will unclog your toilet.

2. Add more water!

If you already tried the soap tip and it did not work out for you, this might be the one to solve your problem. Prior to adding more water into your toilet, you’re going to want to remove some of the excess water that is in your toilet since you’re using the water as a force. It is also important to note that you don’t use boiling but rather hot water since the former might cause the toilet to crack. Once you have your water prepared, you pour it into your toilet and hope it works as it’s supposed to!

3. Create your own drain cleaner!

Another tip that it said to work magically is using baking soda and vinegar for your clogging affairs. How it works is you mix 100 grams of baking soda with twice the amount of vinegar. This you pour into your toilet and let chemistry do its job. If everything is performed as instructed, your bathroom should be back to work.

4. Make your own plunger

If you know for a fact that an object is blocking your toilet, you might want to consider building your own plunger to solve this problem. For this hack, you will need an old coat hanger, preferably a wire one. Once you’ve unraveled your coat hanger, you place any rag that you have laying around on one side of the hanger and secure it with either a rubber band or some duct tape. Lastly, you need to insert the wire into the drain and work it until you reach the object that is causing the clogging. From here on you just want to keep pushing against it until the water begins to drain.

5. Let the pros handle it

While wanting to handle your maintenance affairs on your own is very noble, it can also go pretty wrong, quite easily. Therefore, you should consider calling emergency plumbers to take a look at your problem and let them handle it professionally. This way, you know for sure that your toilet will work as perfectly again as it did before. Put your pride aside and call the pros.

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