Tips to Design the Perfect Laundry for Your Home

A few years ago, clothes washing machines and dryers were normally installed in the basements and garages but this trend is now changing. Homeowners are now carrying laundry renovations in their home to create a functional dedicated laundry room for washing, drying, ironing and folding clothes. Having a dedicated laundry room near the bedroom, clothes closet and bathrooms is convenient and efficient, as it allows you to wash and dry your clothes with minimum movement. Here are essential factors to consider when designing the perfect laundry room for your home.

Laundry room layout

Before updating your laundry area, consider first which part of the space you need improvement. Some will only need to upgrade their laundry sink which will not be as expensive as changing the flooring and/or walls in the area.

Room space

Dryers and washing machines are usually huge in size thus you should ensure that the room has enough space for fitting the appliances. You will also need space for other activities such as ironing and folding your clothes. If your appliances cannot fit side by side you can install them vertically to save on space. You may also consider mounting the dryer and washer on a raised position of the floor which is more convenient as you do not have to keep bending when doing your laundry. Consider how much space you need to keep laundry supplies handy and room to fold laundry. Switching to eco friendly laundry products often saves some space since they are more concentrated. They do this to use less packaging, thus taking up less room in your laundry room!

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Floor options

Laundries are always dusty and wet thus you need to choose your flooring carefully. Porcelain tiles are easy to clean and durable but they do not absorb sound. Solid hardwood solves the sound problem but will require repairs or retouch after every few years. The best flooring materials to consider when renovating your laundry include vinyl sheet, plastic-laminate planks as they are affordable, durable, and easy to clean.

Proper lighting

The last you want is do your laundry in a dull and boring room. Proper lighting makes your room look lively and the tasks become more fun. Proper lighting will also help you sort your clothes, spot torn or stained clothes and also the dirty from the clean clothes. An average room should have a big lighting fixture in the middle or four medium lights all-round the room.

Ducting and ventilation

It is wise to fix your clothes dryer on an exterior wall so as to easily outdoors duct vent. Fixing the dryer on the exterior wall helps to keep the vent short and straight a factor that helps to minimize energy consumption. You should consider using rigid metal vent pipes over plastic pipes since metal vents are easy to clean, durable and highly inflammable. Also make sure that the room is well ventilated to avoid dampness caused by moisture and dust from the appliances.

Leaks awareness

If your laundry room is located on top floors you should take precaution to contain water damage in case your washing machine overflows or water hose bursts. Consider installing drain pans under your washer, moisture sensors and automatic shut off valves that will help to contain water damage. Always have your appliances and plumbing system inspected regularly to check and address any potential malfunctions or breakdowns.

Adequate storage space

Clothes bar, shelves and baskets are some of the best option for sorting and placing clean and dirty clothes separately. You also need storage for laundry supplies, your iron, and ironing board. Consider storing your detergents in lockable cabinets away from children reach since they can be poisonous if consumed or mishandled. You can also install a lockable door to your laundry room to prevent your kids from accessing the appliances and detergents unaccompanied by an adult.

The above tips will help you design a convenient and efficient laundry room that suits your needs perfectly.

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