Tips To Ensure Your Sliding Doors Are Secure

Tips To Ensure Your Sliding Doors Are Secure

When the weather gets hot, spending time in the backyard or weekend barbeques makes sliding doors an awesome addition to your home. However, sliding doors may not always make your house feel the most secure. If you are worried about how to keep your sliding doors secure, continue reading this guide for some amazing tips

Fix the position of the lock

Most sliding door locks usually have easily accessible adjustable screws on the inside of the door. Here is how you can change the lock yourself.

  • Take a small screwdriver and turn the screw counterclockwise above the door’s latch.
  • Doing that will make the screw move the latch into another position, either up or down.
  • You can test your sliding door to check which position locks more securely
  • You may need to change the lock strike on the door frame by loosening the screws on the plates

It’s not a must you do all this by yourself. You can also find a locksmith to do it for you.

Upgrade the lock

If you don’t want to change the position of the lock, the other alternative is to upgrade the lock. There are different sliding door security locks in the market, many of which ensure your sliding doors are secure.

Some locks are placed at the bottom of the sliding doors and will screw into the base frame. These locks work in conjunction with the sliding door latching system and are usually hard to spot if a burglar is trying to break in.

There are a variety of metal locks that come with a loop mechanism that attaches to both doors. Some also fit along the bottom slider to protect against intruders trying to lift the sliding doors of its track.

Install security bars

While security bars look like a simple addition, they are the most common way to secure your sliding doors.

You can buy metal blocks with screw-in attachments that you DIY and easy fix. You can also cut a thin piece of wood that can fit in the track next to your sliding door to block it from opening.

Invest in an alarm system

Adding a home security system may cost more than other options on this guide, but it provides peace of mind if you are worried about break-ins. You can purchase different sliding doors security systems such as motion sensors, security lights, or security cameras.

You can invest in alarms that usually send an alert to your phone or beeps every time the sliding doors are open. Some alarms are also triggered if the glass is broken.

Replace or clean the track

Ensure you replace or clean the track because dirt and dust or stones can build up, making it easy for intruders to knock the door off its track.

You can clean the track once a week to ensure you get rid of debris and dirt. If you notice the track is worn off during cleaning, you can find a professional to replace it for you.

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