Tips To Find the Best Pellet Smoker

Pellet grills are a very commonly used for outdoor grilling. While they are technically ‘grills’ and labeled as such, they would be better suited to be smokers as that is where they shine the most. Regardless, pellet grills provide some of the most efficient grilling you can get while not compromising on the quantity or the taste.

The main advantage of pellet grills has always been how clean they burn and how little ash they produce. In addition, they also use electricity as a fuel which means they are easy to power and do not release any uncomfortable gases.

If you’ve heard the same and looking to get yourself one of those, then you might have come across somewhat of a dilemma. Depending on who you ask, you’re almost always going to get a different answer on what you should get and which is the best pellet grill on the market.

The truth is, there is no real best pellet grill and it entirely depends on what suits your particular needs and situation the best.

Here are a few effective tips that should help you decide what you want to look for or eliminate in your next pellet grill.

1. Temperature controller

It is quite surprising how often this is underestimated and people often favor the maximum temperature instead. Being able to control the temperature of your grill efficiently and accurately is invaluable in acquiring the proper taste as well as ensuring that it does not overcook.

Most pellet grills have control boards that let you manage the temperature. You should always pay attention to the accuracy of this whole system as well as how easy the control panel is to use.

Grills with built in thermostats perform very well and should usually be prioritized as they are far more efficient at reading and displaying the correct temperature so that you can react accordingly.

2. Temperature range

While we have mentioned that having the ability to freely and accurately control the temperature is more important, temperature range takes a close second in the most important features.

This dictates what type of food you can and cannot cook and how far you can take them before it simply lacks the heat to progress.

For regular smoking or grilling, most pellet grills won’t have a problem as you’d only need anywhere between 180- and 400-degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you’re looking for something heavier like direct grilling or heavy baking, then you want to go for performance grills that offer temperatures upward of 500-degrees.

3. Cooking capacity

This is simply the amount of space in which you can cook. While it might look like a simple enough factor to consider, you should also take into account the size and weight of the grill that comes with any increase in cooking capacity. What you should be looking for really is the efficiency with which the space is utilized.

Some models do a much better job of using the space and providing a much bigger cooking area without drastically increasing the size of the grill itself.

This could sometimes mean that you can have a grill that can cook for a whole group of people while also being fairly portable which for a lot of people is invaluable.

4. Additional features

While the primary use of a pellet grill is simply to cook, there are a host of other features, unrelated to cooking that could indirectly make the experience a lot better and even more effective. The first thing that comes to mind is the control panel and how many options you are provided with.

A good panel will let you take control of the whole cooking process and freely adjust the temperature as well as timings. Along with this, having additional racks that are placed well and spacious can also save a lot of time when it comes to grilling.

5. Build quality

The quality of every part of the grill is very important for its longevity. The pane itself should be able to resist but also evenly distribute heat so that it allows for consistent cooking without having to be replaced every few months.

Since you will be mostly using the grill outdoors, it is not a bad idea to get a properly coated grill that is resistant to whether and dust as these factors can quickly deteriorate the outer layers and cause a lot of damage.

6. Comfort

Last but not least, always look at what makes you feel most comfortable. There is no real objective way of measuring this and it differs from person to person and what they have been used to so far.

A beginner might find a grill that is simpler with more automated features more convenient while a more experienced user might like to have more control. It is entirely up-to you to decide what you prefer in this aspect.


These are some of our most important tips to take into consideration when purchasing a pellet grill. They should cover the most basic and impactful aspects of the grills you want to look out for to make your purchase worthwhile and comfortable throughout the years.

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