Tips to Help You Pick the Right Wardrobe

Tips to Help You Pick the Right Wardrobe

Wardrobes are a great addition to a living space. They expand storage space and put wall areas to good use. Unfortunately, picking a wardrobe is not as simple as heading to the furniture store and buying one. A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration before settling on a wardrobe unit. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right wardrobe for your living space.

Your Needs

At the top of things to consider before fitting a wardrobe is your storage needs. Wardrobes primarily serve the function of storage. They make organization easier and help declutter a living space. If your storage needs are high, big wardrobes that maximize space will be the ideal units. For custom wardrobes, you can specify the compartmentalization you need in order to organize items well. If your storage needs are not high, you can compromise on storage space and maximize on design. After all, wardrobes are still interior fittings with aesthetic function


How big your wardrobe should depend on the space you are dealing with. A big wardrobe fitted in a small room makes the space feel cramped. Since most wardrobes take up floor space, creating a template layout can give you an idea of what unit to choose. The rule of thumb is to leave enough space for important furniture pieces in the room and sufficient floor space to navigate the area. Big wardrobes are great for covering wall spaces and creating sectional storage. They can also serve as walls and divide large spaces. A large bedroom can be divided into a sleeping area and a walk-in closet with a wardrobe unit. Small wardrobes are best fitted on dead floor space. These are spaces that are not big enough to serve any other functions. A lot of creativity is needed to turn such spaces into usable storage areas.


Wardrobe units come in various designs. There are free-standing pieces and custom wall-fitted options. Each has its pros and cons. Free-standing units are often bought as finished pieces or only require simple assembly. They are also semi-permanent and can be moved to any area of the room when the need arises. There are custom designs available for free-standing wardrobes but they cost more than the standard furniture store designs. Custom wall-fitted wardrobes are designed on-site and are often installed as the finishing for the rest of the house is done. The units are versatile. You can customize unique compartments and modify the shape to fit your indoor design. The only downside to custom wall-fitted wardrobes is their permanent design. They make refurbishing harder as your layout possibilities are limited. Wardrobes also come as hinged wardrobes and sliding door wardrobes. Another design option is the open wardrobe that has all its compartments on display.


Before settling on a wardrobe, come up with a budget. Budgets ensure you are not building castles in the sky. They narrow down your options to achievable purchases. In the world of wardrobes, there is something for everyone. Therefore, don’t let the high price tags on unique pieces scare you off. Basic designs are inexpensive and often serve their function well. Aside from design complexity, another price determinant is the material used to build the wardrobe. Hardwood units are more expensive than softwood wardrobe units. Moreover, additional fixtures like mirrors, chrome handles, and soft closing drawer slides raise the price of a wardrobe. Therefore, if you have a budget ready, you can find out what unit will give you the best value for money.

The Supplier

Where you buy your wardrobe is as important as the wardrobe you buy. There are numerous wardrobe manufactures and suppliers in the market. Unfortunately, this means there are also numerous bad wardrobes on sale. If you want a top-quality wardrobe, buy from reputable brands. They might have a bigger price tag but you are guaranteed high quality and durability. Moreover, contact suppliers that offer after-sales services.

If you take into account all these tips you are certain to land the perfect wardrobe for your living space. Remember to consult the experts when you get stuck or overwhelmed with options.

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