Tips to Hire a Reliable Gardener in Western Australia (WA)

Tips to Hire a Reliable Gardener in Western Australia

If you have a garden, big or small, it would be a shame not to make the most of it. Many people in Western Australia do not have the skills or the time to take care of their garden. And, indeed. It’s not as easy as it seems. You need to know what plants are more suitable for the Western Australian climate, you need to know about soils, sun exposure, shade, and fertilizers. Best leave it to a professional and reliable gardener.

Here are some tips to hire a reliable gardener in Western Australia (WA).

Ask your friends and neighbors

Some gardeners have professional qualifications, although this is not mandatory in Australia. When you’re looking to hire a gardener, what you should inquire about is their experience. Hands-on experience is what makes you a good gardener.

Start by asking around and see if any of your friends or neighbors know a good professional. Also, if you walk around the neighborhood and happen to see a beautiful garden, don’t hesitate to knock on their door. Well, compliment their garden first and then ask if they know someone they can recommend.

Ask for a background check

When you hire a gardener, that person will be on your property frequently and for many hours. If you want to establish a good relationship you’ll probably ask them inside for a cup of coffee or a cold lemonade. Since you don’t actually know this person, it would be wise of you to ask them to submit to a quick police check before you hire them. Any reasonable person will understand your concerns. You need to protect your home and any valuables you might have, but, most important, your family. What happens if the gardener comes to work when you’re not there and your wife is alone with a small child. Can you afford to trust a virtual stranger?

The good thing is that getting a background check is a simple thing these days. You can ask the Gardener to order a criminal history check like a national police check WA from an online service provider. It’s not like you’re sending the gardener, who is probably a very decent guy, to the police station and have him waste valuable time just to assuage your fears.

With an online service provider, you can even order the police check on your phone. Just snap a photo of the guy and input their personal identification information. You need to have their consent for that. Ordering a background check on someone without their consent is illegal in Australia. You will have the results delivered via email in 2-3 business days, after which you’re free to hire the new gardener.

Ask for references and portfolio

Just in case no one is able to recommend you a good gardener, try the classifieds or check out local job boards. When someone answers your ad, make sure to ask about their professional experience and how many years they’ve been in the business. Ask if they can provide references from previous clients, and do check on those. Also, ask if they can show you photos of their work. These days you can bet everybody has photos, at least on their phones if they have not set up their own website to advertise their services.

Bonus tip: Make sure the reliable gardener is also a pleasant person, someone you feel at ease talking to. You’ll be seeing this person quite a lot and it would be very inconvenient if you don’t get along. Also, this person needs to be a good listener. It’s your garden after all and they should do their best to create the landscape of your dreams.

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