Tips to Improve Your Plumbing

Tips to Improve Your Plumbing

Plumbing is an essential part of our home’s infrastructure. Delivered through those plastic pipes is our clean drinking water, as well as water for our showers, radiators, and toilets. Plumbing is also essential for getting rid of our wastewater, and because of this, it’s important that our plumbing is well looked after.

Issues in a plumbing system can cause problems such as leaks that can damage homes, but blocked pipes are another threat which can make a lot of appliances inoperable. Improving our plumbing is a great way to ensure that our water-based equipment is working well. Here are some tips on how to improve your plumbing and limit your need for emergency repairs.

Be Careful with What You Flush

The biggest cause of blocked drainpipes is usually due to a mass buildup of foreign objects that have no right to be flushed down a toilet. It’s vital that the only things going down a toilet is waste and paper products like toilet paper. You want to steer clear from throwing away face wipes, diapers, sanitary products, and other absorbent materials, as these can soak up a lot of water and expand in the pipes, causing a blockage which can cause issues not just for your own home’s plumbing, but potentially the entire municipal sewer system.

Use Drain Covers

Another thing that can easily start to clog drains, making it less effective at draining water, is hair and soap scum. These items can easily get trapped in exposed drains and can begin to get tangled further down the pipe, causing issues such as clog. Exposed drains also make it easier for small objects like toothpaste caps to get dropped in and trapped.

A great way to protect your drains is to use simple mesh drain covers in your sinks and showers, as they can be an effective protective barrier. Be sure to clean them regularly, though, so that they don’t cause draining issues.

Replace Outdates Pipes

If your home was built before 1970, and the pipes are yet to be replaced, you’re almost certainly using outdates piping materials. Back in the day, pipes were made from lead, steel, iron, or a substance called polybutylene which are all really susceptible to corrosion or breakage, making it likely to leak. Furthermore, lead pipes can be potentially hazardous if they’re used as your drinking lines, so they should be replaced right away. You can find great plumbers at to do this for you, as well as other essential plumbing services.

Be Wary of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaner — yes, the ones you can buy at stores — are only effective as temporary solutions to clogged drains, meaning they won’t protect your drains and pipes in the long run. Furthermore, the chemicals in these products can erode the pipes, causing a lot of damage that can be detrimental to your plumbing health. If you can’t get rid of a clogged drain with the standard plunger and drain snake, it’s best to call for a professional plumber to sort you out.

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