Tips to Take the Load off the Furnace

Tips to Take the Load off the Furnace

For many homeowners, one way to reduce the heating bills is by lowering the temperature of their thermostats. It sure is one way to get the loads off the bills, but if you get guided by the experts of the best furnace repair Brooklyn, NY, there are many effective ways of reducing the furnace load.

The following tips are tested and tried by the professionals that will guarantee to reduce the bill by 30-50%.

Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks are one of the most common reasons for high energy bills. If your house is not properly sealed, then warm air will have easy space for escaping through cracks and gaps in windows, walls, and other spots. This problem can be sorted by using caulk, spray foam, weather stripping, or anything related, depending upon the type and size of the air leak.

It is difficult to find air leaks in your house without the experts’ help. One easy DIY tip to find the air leak is the candle or incense stick trick. Walk with the candle or incense along the inside of the outer walls of the home. When the flame or smoke moves or wavers in a particular spot, then you have found the air leak.

Upgrading Insulation

A poorly insulated house will quickly lose heat, forcing the furnace system to work harder for compensating for the heat loss. The attic must have adequate insulation as it helps to keep the living space warm and comfortable. It keeps the heat in its place from getting away to the attic.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the best ways to save energy. You can set or program the energy-saving mode at night or when you are away for the day. There’s no need for heating your place when you are not available for nine hours every day. By saving the energy of your system every day, you can cut down the utility bills by almost 50%.

Keep the Air Filter Clean

A dirty or clogged air filter will restrict free air movement. This will affect the internal parts and blower motor, straining it to work harder to push the air to the ductwork and furnace. The energy is wasted during this process while stressing the equipment, which in turn ends up in uneven heating.

The air filter must be cleaned once in two months for better and smooth operation. If your house is blessed with the joy of pets, then cleaning or replacing the Furnace Filters every month is very important, as the tiny hair particles of the pets get into the filter. This will deteriorate the air quality and also affect the health of the inmates. The best way is to get help from the professionals of furnace services in Brooklyn, NY, every three months for deeper cleaning.

Upgrade Windows

If the windows of your home are old and leaking, then it will easily take out a huge amount of warm air outside. This way, your furnace system will also lose efficiency. The only way this problem can be solved is by upgrading energy star-certified windows. Get in touch with the professionals of VVOY Service Hub and experience the benefits of an efficient furnace system with their modern and advanced services and solutions.

Many times, homeowners ask how a dirty furnace coil affects the HVAC system. As stated by the experts of a furnace replacement in Brooklyn, NY, for smooth functioning, good airflow is very important. The air entering the HVAC system goes through the coil, which is located in the plenum of the furnace. With time, dust, dirt, and other related particles get trapped in the coil fins, which blocks the air that flows through the coil.

If the filter of the furnace system is kept clean, then this problem can be easily avoided. If not, it will give rise to many other issues like,

  • Deteriorated indoor air quality
  • Reduced downstream airflow
  • High energy bills because of longer operation time and wasted energy
  • Overheating of the equipment will constantly trigger the automatic furnace shutdowns.

This makes it very important to keep the furnace system clean so that it rewards longevity and efficient operation. Hence, call licensed professionals like VVOY Service Hub for exceptional furnace servicing and repairs.

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