Top 10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

What is the best way to clean carpets? The answer to this question depends on a lot of different factors, including how often you have them cleaned, what type of carpets they are, and what kind of traffic they see. In this article, we will explore 10 ways that can help your carpets last longer so you don’t have to worry about replacing them as often.

1. Vacuum carpets regularly

Vacuuming carpets regularly is one of the best things you can do to clean carpets. Vacuums that use beater brushes will work better on carpets, but any vacuum can help get rid of dirt and other debris from your carpets if used often enough. Using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush or power nozzle will help scrub carpets clean.

Additionally, vacuuming carpets regularly helps prevent them from getting stained or discolored; especially if you vacuum before anything has a chance to get spilled on the carpets. The more dirt and debris that gets trapped in your carpets, the worse they will look over time.

2. Clean carpets with a steam cleaner or professional carpet cleaning service

While carpets can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, it is not as thorough as using a steam cleaner or getting the carpets professionally cleaned. Steam cleaners use hot water and suction to deep clean carpets; they also remove dirt that vacuums can leave behind. If you do choose to get your carpets professionally cleaned, make sure the company you choose uses a truck-mounted cleaning system. This kind of professional carpet cleaner like Oziclean who is the leading Stevenage carpet clean company can clean carpets more thoroughly and efficiently than anything you could do yourself at home.

3. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on carpets, as this will wear them down faster

Using abrasive cleaners on carpets will cause them to look worn and dull. It can also damage the fibers in carpets, which causes them to wear down faster over time. If you need something strong enough to get rid of tough stains or dirt build-up, try using a steam cleaner with hot water and detergent instead; this is much less harsh on carpets, yet still very effective.

4. Keep carpets dry – don’t let wet carpets sit for long periods of time

Whenever carpets get wet, whether it is due to a spill or just from cleaning them with water and detergent, you need to make sure they are completely dried before putting any kind of traffic on them. Wet carpets can warp, stretch out of shape, or even develop mold if you let them stay damp for too long.

5. Use high-quality products to clean carpets and use the right amount of detergent per gallon of water recommended by the manufacturer

Using the right amount of detergent per gallon of water is very important if you want carpets to look their best. Using too much or not enough can cause carpets to get stained, discolored, and even smelly over time.

6. Use a vacuum attachment that has bristles to get deep into carpet fibers and remove embedded dirt particles that are not visible to the eye but can be felt by hand (e.g., pet hair).

Using a vacuum with bristles is one of the best ways to get carpets clean. One problem many people have when using vacuums on carpets is that they don’t go deep enough into the fibers, which causes carpets to not look as good as they could or can even cause dirt particles to be pushed deeper into carpet fibers over time.

7. Avoid walking barefoot on carpets when possible

When carpets are walked on, their fibers get compressed. This causes the carpets to lose some of their softness and look more worn out over time. While you should avoid walking barefoot on carpets at all times if possible, wearing shoes/slippers when any kind of traffic is going through your home is a good habit to get into.

8. Have carpets professionally cleaned every 3-6 months

Carpets should be professionally cleaned every few months, depending on how much traffic they get. This helps carpets look their best not only when you first buy them but also over a longer period of time.

Professional carpet cleaning services can use powerful equipment that gets carpets very clean without damaging fibers or causing carpets to wear out sooner than normal.

9. Vacuum carpets in a corner-to-corner motion to maintain their appearance

When carpets get vacuumed, it is important to not just move the vacuum cleaner back and forth in a straight line. Instead, use a corner-to-corner motion so that carpets can be cleaned evenly on all sides without causing individual fibers to wear out or look damaged over time.

10. Move furniture carefully – don’t drag furniture across carpets

When you move furniture across carpets, make sure to carefully lift and carry it rather than dragging it. Dragging heavy or sharp objects can cause carpets to get worn down faster due to the friction between them and carpet fibers.


If you care about the appearance and longevity of your carpets, there are a few things you can do to make them last longer. It doesn’t take too much work or time – just a little effort on your part will go a long way in helping carpets look their best for years to come! If it sounds like we’re talking from experience, that’s because our team is ready and waiting with all the carpet cleaning services you need

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