Top 10 Tips for a Green and Clean Office

Cleanliness in any industry is important to promote the health and safety of an individual. However, cleaning products generally have chemicals and toxins that can cause lung issues and multiple other problems. In fact, according to the American Lung Association, the use of many cleaning supplies, and products can irritate the eyes, throat; cause headaches and other problems, including cancer. Additionally, the use of certain chemicals that release VCOs (volatile organic compounds) can contribute to chronic respiratory problems and occupational asthma.

Top 10 Tips for a Green and Clean Office

One of the most commonplace for exposure to concerning cleaning chemicals is the office space. According to the Integrated Benefits Institute,  absenteeism in the workplace cost US employees $530 Billion and 1.4 Billion Work Days of Absence and Impaired Performance in  2018. Having stated that, these results demonstrate the need for a more holistic strategy when it comes to managing health. Therefore, business owners and managers should look for ways to make their offices cleaner and greener to work in. Try here, for your office cleaning needs in London.

Enlisted below are a few green office cleaning tips that can help employers, employees, and cleaning professionals avoid dangerous cleaning products and create a much healthier work environment.


  • Quick Fix Equals to Danger

    Do not use air fresheners and fabric protection sprays as they contain volatile organic compounds and other chemicals linked to the endocrine system issues, like reproductive problems.

  • Beware of Old Furniture

    The old furniture at your office could have been made using PBDEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers) – the fire retardants that break down into dangerous metabolites linked to cancer. So, get rid of your old furniture if it consists of PBDEs. Your old furniture may be putting you and your employees at risk,

  • Treating a Carpet is a NO-NO

    Avoid using carpeted flooring if you are opening a new workplace. However, if you already have carpets installed in your office, avoid carpet cleaners and stain-resistant products that expose your facility to harmful chemicals. Instead, trust professional steam cleaning services for office cleaning.

  • Replace Cleaning Solutions with Effective DIY Tricks

    Many household items like lemon, cooking oil, vinegar, and baking soda, can be used to clean dirty surfaces and handle tough odors at your office. So, ditch the usual cleaners, and replace them with green, eco-friendly, household cleaning products.

  • Make Air Quality a High Priority

    Poor air quality not just affects our climate, but it also poses certain risks to public health. It increases the burden of disease from stroke, lung cancer, heart disease, and both chronic and acute respiratory diseases, including asthma. Therefore, you should make air quality a high priority.

    Make certain that your internal and external cleaning team has the resources to regulate air quality and check HVAC systems.

  • Carefully Inspect Cleaning Company Labels

    Even though some cleaning brands advertise their products as “green” or “natural,” they may still contain chemicals that can cause health problems. Some of them may even be corrosive or flammable. However, you can limit your exposure to the risks by reading all the labels and following instructions when using them.

    Make sure to avoid products that contain chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde, and “chemical surfactants.

  • Go Green with Certified Cleaners

    It is extremely essential to ensure that the cleaning crew that is responsible for your workplace is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. This will give you the security that your team uses the best practices regarding green cleaning.

  • Establish a Cleaning Policy with Employees

    All of the changes you make as an informed employer will make sense only if your staff follows suit. Educate your employees about the harmful effects of cleaning products, create a rule that bans their use, and make them a part of a greener, healthier initiative.

  • Don’t be Frugal with Cleaning Technology

    Cleaning experts have invested time, money, and resources to improve the quality of life. They have made several technological advancements, like sprayer nozzles that reduce chemical releases, to improve public health. So make sure you invest in modernized cleaning equipment to support the cause.

  • Hire an Established Cleaning Company

    Trust a commercial cleaning company for your office cleaning in Toronto. Make sure that the company you hire uses only safe, economically sound products and employes green cleaning techniques. Make sure they understand your specific needs.


This is how you can help the environment while keeping your employees and clients healthy.

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