Top 10 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Room

Top 10 Tips to Decorate Your Dorm Room

Moving to your dorm may be a very exciting experience for you and you may be immensely exuberant for making changes to your dorm room and decorating it in the best way possible. To help you revamp your boring dorm room into a beautiful homely place, here are some unique ideas that are not heavy on your pocket, yet add to the overall ambiance of your dorm.

Cozy mattress

Let’s start with one of the focal points of your dorm: your bed. Well, do you know the state of your bed and mattress can ruin the outlook of your dorm room? Thus, to avoid this, it is a good idea to invest in a good quality Mattress like a hybrid mattress, that will not only provide you with a good night’s sleep but also enhances the state of your room. Before you go mattress shopping, make sure to read online reviews on Mattress firm pillows and order your mattress right away.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a new and immensely inexpensive way of brightening up your dorm room; not just figuratively but also literally. By adding these miniature bulbs to the edges of your dresser, bed, or study desk, you can make your room shine brighter.

Pretty Study Lights and Desk Decoration Pieces

Pay special attention to the decoration of the furniture in your dorm, as adding minutely to your dorm can make it look more beautiful and comfortable room. Your study desk is the second most important piece of furniture in your room and hence requires special attention from you. By adding tiny study lights or lamps you can certainly add to the beauty of your study desk. Investing in affordable decoration pieces can make your desk more cozy and interesting.


Art can literally transform your entire room and by relying on various pieces of art such as paintings and art wall hangings, as they can bestow an aesthetic touch to your room. You can add simple funky colored paintings, vintage drawings with beautifully patterned frames to make your plain and boring dorm room into a spectacularly bright and classy room.

Cute rugs and mats

Rugs and mats are a great way of revamping your room into something great. You can add patterned or funky colored rugs to your dorm room and spice things up. Room rooms usually have wooden or tiled floors and it may be simply boring, so using this affordable solution and adding cute funky rugs can give your room a homely feel. Doormats, bed mats, etc. may also enhance the outlook of your dorm room floor, so invest some pennies and beautify your room.

Photo wall

Are you missing your own bedroom? Do you not feel more at home in your dorm room? If you are faced with these troubles, try giving your room a cozier, home-sweet-home feel by changing one of the walls of your dorm into a photo wall. All you will need is a long tread or fairy light, some photos, and glue, and you can simply add your photos to your wall and add to the classiness of your room.

Buy small plants

Let nature beautify your dorm! It is time to add nature’s favorite thing in your dorm room: plants. You can add small pots with plants anywhere in your room or bathroom, as adding plants will not only enhance the beauty of your home, but it will also regulate the air quality of your room. It is an elegant yet economical solution for you. Paint the pots with bright colors and let your room shine.

Funky cushions and pillows

Rugs are not the only way to improve the outlook of your room. The addition of funky pillows and cushions can also help your room achieve an aesthetic vibe and give it a complete makeover. Adding cutely patterned or vibrant colored pillows and small cushions to your bed will add to the outlook of your bed, and in turn, the entire dorm room.

Bring out new lights and lamps

Buying sleep-side table laps or roof hanging lights is another suitable option for you when it comes to adding to the beauty of your dorm room. Hanging lights are not very expensive yet present a classy look to your room. So this investment is worth a shot.

Doll up your windows

Window-dressing and make-over are other great ways to change and modify the appearance of your dorm room. Get new curtains with colorful patterns or plain ones, as per your liking, and let those curtains rock the look of the entire dorm room.

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