Top 4 Advantages Of Virtually Staging Your Property

Staging a home is among a number of fool-proof methods that can get potential buyers to move a step closer to signing the deed and making the place theirs. But to take it a notch higher and bring you closer to a sale, virtual staging is the new “it” to-do in today’s real estate game.

Find out why virtual staging is quickly becoming property sellers’ go-to strategy and why you should try it out today.

Why Virtually Stage Your Home?

1. Buyer Visualization

One of the reasons why home staging is such a crucial part of the real estate business is that it offers buyers that window of visualizing themselves as the owners of a property. They’ll want to be able to imagine their own decor, finishings, interior design and the like to really have a feel of it being theirs.

Conventional staging has its perks. You get to redecorate, and then hire a professional photographer to take beautiful photos of your residence. Afterwards, said photos will be included in ads for you to post on listing websites. This process has been a mainstay in home staging for years. However, it’s lacking in helping house-hunters picture themselves in a place they can call their own when it’s filled with fixtures and furniture that belong to someone else.

2. Higher Sales

How about accommodations that are “empty”? There are those who seem to believe that an empty house will attract more buyers because they’re clean and vacant. There aren’t any clutter and/ or personal belongings that may distract them or cause them to hop to a different house for sale.

This, in truth, is a false assumption. As Florida Management explains, when a property is completely barren, it gives off a feeling of coldness. The very opposite of what one would like a home to be— warm. With visual staging, not only will buyers be given the opportunity to visualize the place as theirs, but they’ll also be attracted to it because of its warm and welcoming vibe which can be created even virtually.

3. Customizable

It isn’t a secret that this is a feature distinct to virtual staging. Properties can be customized per buyer preference, demographic, and market. All of this can be done with just a few clicks. Conveniently switch from a Victorian-inspired, minimalistic and modern, urban chic, to ranch-style interior design in a matter of minutes.

4. Economical

Compared to physical home staging, its virtual counterpart is cheaper by the mile. In fact, real estate insider-information reveal that you can save as much as 90% from conventional staging when you go virtual.

Staging a house in a traditional manner, a.k.a. replacing certain pieces of furniture, repainting walls, changing flooring, buying additional hangings, and such definitely end up being outlandish as an expenditure. You aren’t making money out of the house and yet you’re already losing more for it.

On the other hand, virtually staging any room won’t cost you anywhere remotely close to the first. Even better, in the event that the design isn’t up to your taste (or that of the buyer’s), you can change it without hassles, and without re-spending on redecoration.

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