Top 5 Best Weapons For Self Defense

Top 5 Best Weapons For Self Defense

Considering that the violent crimes rate is estimated to be 366.7 per 100,000 inhabitants in the US, totaling over 1.2 million violent crimes annually, according to the Criminal Justice Information Service Division.

And the increase of murder cases to over 30%, 20,000 daily home invasion, and doubling of carjacking especially during the pandemic are a cause for concern. To wade off any perpetrators, it’s imperative that you find a mechanism to protect not only yourself but also your loved ones.

What Weapons Are Best For Self Defense

I will highlight both lethal and non-lethal weapons if you would like to avoid any risk of fatalities.


Guns vary depending on the caliber, accuracy, quality, ease of use, and reliability. And while there are more powerful and accurate guns (rifles and shotguns) the design can be a drawback, therefore, handguns are more preferred.

While there are misconceptions that they’re weaker, ballistic technology disputes this notion, with the 9mm being a darling with the police departments, including the FBI. While you may choose from a 9mm to a .45ACP, it’s imperative to buy a higher capacity handgun given the difficulty in hitting your target in high-pressure situations.

Now, I cannot reiterate enough how gun safety is critical for every gun owner, especially in homes where kids are involved.

Stun Guns

The development of stun guns can both be termed as a good and bad thing considering that its effects if not used properly can cause dire consequences. They are capable of producing enough shock to put materials on fire.

They can become extremely flammable if paired with pepper spray or any other non-lethal weapons. To curb wrongful use of these devices, there are legal restrictions put in place in different states, so, ensure that it’s legal to possess and use a stun gun in your vicinity.


Though quite expensive in comparison to stun guns, tasers hold the crown as the most effective non-lethal self-defense weapon. Its effects consisting of minor burns, loss of motor function, puncture wounds, nausea, uncontrollable spasms, and extreme pain have led them to be barred in certain jurisdictions.

Because these effects can lead to death especially to people who suffer from heart-related conditions or hit their head on a hard surface. Proper training is required to learn how to not only wield but use the taser properly.

They are designed to deliver high-frequency electrical waves to the central nervous system of the assailant via their skin, by firing two electrodes that dislodge and attach to the skin.

Pepper Spray

This is the most non-lethal weapon used given that it’s not only effective but also compact and affordable. While targeting the eyesight of the assailant, you will be able to subdue him/her and give you the opportunity to dash to safety.

Though there is a propensity to associate this weapon with women, results show that they can not be stereotyped to any gender, as law enforcers also use it. It contains Oleoresin of Capsicum(OC), a powerful agent known to cause skin inflation.

It causes near stroke symptoms, blinding headaches, and also intense dry heaves, able to affect an assailant 17-20 feet away.

Tactical Flashlights

Though not designed to offer blows, these flashlights can be used to incapacitate the assailant for a few precious minutes to allow you the opportunity to escape. The device is most convenient if you often walk in the dark.

Able to produce bright light up to 6000 lumens, flashing over 800m with multifunction sidelights, they can function to blind an assailant or alert. Other designs feature an alarm or double up as a baton, advanced designs have incorporated both the flashlight and stun gun.

Why Should You Possess A Self-Defense Weapon?

Psychologically every human, even an assailant, avoids anything that might cause any physical harm and pain. So, a weapon gives you the opportunity to dash to safety or take a defensive stance if you’re well equipped with two or more defense devices.

Given that women are more susceptible to crimes with every 10 victims eight being women, it’s upon every lady to have at least two self-defense weapons at their disposal all the time or devices that have two or more defense functionality.


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