Top 5 Christmas Fireworks


The holiday season is a time for celebration for families across the world, and everyone has their different family traditions. Some like to go carol singing, whilst others like to have a go at wreath making or creating their own mulled wine recipe. Whilst fireworks may not be the first thing that comes to mind as a Christmas tradition, they can certainly help celebrate the big day as well as prepare yourself for New Year’s Eve festivities. So, here are the top 5 Christmas fireworks for sale to seek out this season.

Catherine Wheels

Always a spectacular choice at family displays, this classic spinning wheel of multiple fireworks can come in various sizes. Just light the fuse and each firework on the Catherine Wheel will work its magic and light up the end of your garden or outdoor space without having to look high up in the sky. This can also be a great option if you want to avoid lots of loud bangs and keep the display contained.


This option provides a colourful display without the signature bangs, instead, providing a firework spray effect that can be purchased in many colours. As it is Christmas, why not choose stunning red, green, and white combinations to fit the mood perfectly and pair with smoke flares of similar colours for the perfect atmosphere.


Not to be confused with a tasty slice of Christmas fruit cake, this type of firework is an all-in-one package. The name refers to multiple fireworks all together in one ground-level shape, needing only one fuse to be lit to start the show. You can find firework cakes that provide a mixture of several types of fireworks and get creative with your choices. You’ll be able to find Christmas-themed light combinations if you want a specific look too.


Compounds are your one-stop mini display option, helping you recreate those big public displays on a much smaller scale. Compound fireworks consist of a square or rectangular rig setup of multiple rows of tubes. Each one consists of its own firework, so you can find large and small scale setups depending on how large a display you want. With only one fuse to light, you can treat your family and friends over the holidays to many minutes of delayed-release firework fun.


Finally, no firework display or cold evening over the festive season is complete without sparklers. Whilst not strictly speaking a firework, they go hand in hand with their more explosive cousins as a way to enjoy the evening, especially for children. As they are safe to hold, you won’t get closer to the action than with a set of sparklers to add to the main display itself.

This Christmas, start a new tradition together with loved ones by gathering everyone outside to enjoy the wintry weather in the best way possible. Create your own display consisting of the above firework options, and you’ll keep everyone enjoying themselves into the night.

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