Top 5 Custom Home Builders in Santa Barbara, CA 2022

Top 5 Custom Home Builders in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a captivating West Coast town full of gorgeous Mediterranean villas and red-tile roofs. The city has many styles, ranging from classic colonial to modern transitional architecture that’s perfect for any home builder looking to update their property with remodeling work or new construction projects! As one might expect in such an area richly influenced by Spanish culture (the largest minority population), there are plenty high end builders available who have been selected based on factors like project quality + number completed – taking client testimonials into account too; you can find out which ones meet your needs best using this list we compiled together

Building a custom home can be an exciting process, but it’s important to do your research before you start. We recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board and speaking to past clients about their experience in this area of construction as well as using our bidding system that gets competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors so they are all on same page terms re: pricing & scope-of work included . Getting multiple bids will ensure fairness when selecting who builds yours truly!

1. MNM General Construction

The detail-oriented family-owned company has been helping people realize their vision for over 20 years. They pay attention to even the smallest of details, ensuring customer satisfaction with every project they perform; from start up through finish line! With an experienced staff who performs high quality work and offers professionalism at all times–this local Santa Barbara based business is sure worth contacting when it comes time make your next big thing happen or just update what’s currently there already outstanding design aesthetics wise!!!

2. Allen Construction

Allen Construction, one of Southern California’s green building leaders since 1983 has an extensive resume. It boasts many energy-efficient projects that are constantly evolving and developing new techniques to keep up with industry standards for environment friendliness while also completing different types or scale jobs from small renovations all the way down major remodeling assignments!

The work that Allen Construction does is nothing short of amazing. From historic renovations and new home projects in Tuscan, Contemporary or Prairie styles – you can bet your bottom dollar these guys know their way around a house!

3. Young Construction

Young Construction is committed to providing the absolute best for their clients, which they achieve through creating lovely homes that are aesthetic masterpieces. The company’s goal has always been a thing of beauty: turning every home into something truly special with innovative solutions and cost-effective methods!

The firm’s work has been recognized with many awards over the years, including a recent honor from SBCA. They received this award for Residential Remodel Construction ($500,000-$1 million) in 2014 and another one commemorating their achievements as commercial property winners of Santa Barbara Beautiful – both won last year!

4. Leonard Unander Associates, Inc.

Leonard Unander Associates is a family-owned and operated business known for its outstanding residential structures. The company makes sure to construct clients’ visions with quality, in line timeliness; they are also committed towards green building practices that include energy savings along side resource efficiency during construction time!

The company is a recipient of multiple awards from the SBCA. In addition, projects by Leonard Unander have graced pages in magazines including Food and Home Santa Barbara along with other prestigious publications across America!

5. DD Ford Construction

DD Ford Construction is a well-rounded construction firm, with four different branches that each have their own responsibility. The company’s new homes and major renovations are assigned to specific aspects of the process but work together in order for it all go smoothly without any hiccups or issues along the way! Additionally , its strong rapport relationships make them stand out among other competitors as being innovative designers who can tailor designs specifically made just for you.

Ford’s business is recognized by the SBCA for their achievements in 2018, receiving a Builder of the Year Awards over $5M residential construction category. In addition to this success story on how they culmination work with other companies towards an award-winning project all throughout North America; Ford also bagged themselves one victory each at Chrysalis Regional Renovation Award -Best Historic Renovation

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