Top 5 Reasons for Increase in Divorce

Top 5 Reasons for Increase in Divorce

In 2019, the divorce rate hit a historic low, with only 14.9 out of 1000 marriages ending in divorce. However, this still lands the US among countries with the highest risk of break-ups. Ireland, for example, reports a much lower number of only 0.07% marriages being dissolved, which is said to get even lower amidst the pandemic. 

With that being said, one may wonder why divorce is so common in American society.

It is household knowledge that conflicts, infidelity can be discovered thanks to the access to widespread sexual health testing, and lack of physical intimacy are among the most frequent causes of distressed relationships, and this still holds true nowadays. The increase in divorce, however, has its roots in many social and cultural changes that have taken place in the last few decades. The stigma that once surrounded divorce has faded away, and the perception of it as a failure is, nowadays, replaced with a view of an acceptable solution to a problem. 

Read on to learn more about the factors contributing to the increase in divorce.

Divorce Accessibility

There are no longer any obstacles to getting a divorce, and there are even many resources that can help you get it without having to hire an attorney. This has made divorce a much more common and realistic option for many people who were previously not ready for such a decision.

It is important to keep in mind that, despite the increased accessibility and acceptance of divorce, it is still a tough decision to make. Social acceptance and political advancements have made divorce much less stigmatized, but it is still a painful experience that requires a lot of patience and strength. This may be especially difficult when children are involved or the partner is not cooperative with the process.

However, before you apply for a divorce because of the potential signs your wife is cheating, or your husband is drinking more than he should, see if there’s a chance to save your marriage with the help of a counselor or another professional.

Financial Issues

One of the primary triggers for divorce is financial stress, which can take a toll on any relationship. Unemployment and underemployment are said to be among the most common reasons for divorce and separation in many countries. On the other hand, with high unemployment and job security not guaranteed, many people might remain in unhappy marriages because they cannot afford to leave their spouses and support themselves.

This often leads to resentment and negative feelings of one partner holding down the other, which can be hard to resolve and ultimately push couples apart, ultimately leading to divorce. Being free again allows people to take full responsibility for their lives and start anew with a clean slate.

Increased Independency

The internet, smartphones, and social media have made it easier than ever to communicate with friends, family members, and even potential partners. We can now do all the things that used to take place in person, such as hang out with friends or meet up with potential dates, via the screen of our devices. This has led to a decline in the need for human interaction and, as a result, lessening of the bonds within relationships and families.

It is also easier than ever to live a life of independence without having to compromise with your partner or depend on them for support. This, in turn, has led to an increase in the number of individuals who are single and happy to be single and do not wish to get married because they have everything they need without having to rely on someone else.

Changing Values

People are much more likely to leave unhappy marriages these days than they were in the past. This may be because of the fact that women are more independent than ever before, which results in an increased perception of divorce as an acceptable option. Although women still haven’t achieved complete equality on all fronts, there has been a massive change in the perception of women’s rights and opportunities.

Women have become less willing to tolerate abusive relationships or remain in unhappy marriages, and they are more likely to make themselves heard and leave the relationship. As a result, divorce is no longer perceived as a shameful act and is considered by many as an acceptable way to leave an unhealthy relationship.

Decreased Acceptance of Misconduct

Another factor contributing to the increase in divorce rates is the increased public awareness of and exposure to sexual misconduct. A lot of people who have been victims of sexual assault or domestic violence may feel empowered to leave their abusers if the abuse is not kept under wraps or even encouraged by others.

As a result, there have even been many high-profile cases involving famous men accused of sexual misconduct, including those that have resulted in divorce. This had an immediate effect on the perception of domestic violence and relationships in general, which has had an enormous impact on the divorce rate. However, you can not neglect that some people are falsely accused of such allegations. In such scenarios, it becomes critical to seek the right help. You can click here to learn how. 

Final Thoughts

The divorce rate has significantly increased over the years, but it is essential to remember that all marriages are different, and each situation is unique. There are many factors that contribute to a divorce, some of which are related to the couple’s relationship, and others are more social and cultural. On top of that, the pandemic has had a huge impact on family values, gender roles, and the perception of relationships overall.

The increase in divorce is a reflection of the changes that have taken place in society, and this will continue to impact marriages in the future. That being said, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding divorce, and many people still fear the repercussions of a failed marriage. However, it is important to remember that divorce is a process that may benefit both parties in the long term and should be considered as a viable option.

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