Top 5 Tips You Should Always Remember for Yard Sign Marketing

Top 5 Tips You Should Always Remember for Yard Sign Marketing

Marketing is the first thing that helps a business to stand apart from its competitors. Additionally, marketing is also the only thing that will boost the overall revenue and success rate of the business. However, choosing the perfect type of marketing method for your business is not an easy task.

Many business owners prioritize digital marketing methods over traditional marketing methods. This is where they make first and one of the worst mistakes for their business. On the other hand, business owners who choose traditional marketing techniques as their primary method of marketing will not only stand apart but also be able to boost the visibility of their business quickly.

Amongst the other types of traditional marketing techniques, custom yard signs are one of the most popular and effective. If you use them correctly, they will prove to become one of the greatest customer retaining tools. However, you need to follow some tips to make your outdoor advertising to a whole new level.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 tips that you should consider for your yard signs marketing.

Use Specific Message on the Yard Signs

This is the first and the most important tip you should remember for your yard sign marketing. The message that your yard signs convey will have a massive impact on the purchasing decision of the customers. Hence, you need to make sure that you’re using a specific message on your yard signs.

Does your company provide tons of various products and services? If so, consider picking on products or services based on their popularity and design. You can also choose a product or service that has been launched recently. After that, the particular product or service should be advertised on your yard signs. Once someone comes to your store, you can give them information regarding your other products or services. This way the customers will feel privileged. Remember that the primary goal of the yard signs is to attract potential consumers to your business store.

Hesitant While Using Your Brand Logo

In the business world, tons of logos can be recognized instantly. For instance, the logo of Nike should be recognized in a second due to its popularity. Just like that, you need to focus on your business or branding logo. As per Envisionitsolutions, the business logo creates a strong first impression.

However, if you’re a start-up or have a small business, the chances of people recognizing your logo are very small. As your business is going through new branding, the logo is unable to develop an instant connection to your business. Additionally, the motive of yard signs is to attract and retain new customers. So, it will attract the people who haven’t heard of your company. You can include the logo in your yard signs, but remember that space is limited.

Use Highly Contrasting Colors

No matter how obvious this point may seem people still forget to use attractive colors on their yard signs. Remember that there are businesses just like yours that are using yard signs. The only way to stand apart from them is by creating an attractive yard sign full of high-contrasting colors.

However, don’t use the same color on both the front and background space of the yard sign otherwise, people will find difficulties interpreting your message. Consider using a very dark color on bright color, and vice versa. Additionally, don’t forget to consider colorblind people. Hence, make sure you’re designing yard signs with greens/blues or Greens/Yellow together.

Make Sure the Design is Simple

Remember that you’re using wholesale yard signs to attract the attention of customers, not to impress your business industry. Many business owners become so hyped with the designing process that they end up creating an over-complicated design for their yard signs. Additionally, they also add tons of messages. When this happens, people won’t be able to distinguish the important messages.

Make sure you include five or fewer words in your yard signs. You can also use a simple arrowhead and a simple message on your yard signs. However, if you think that your yard sign should contain additional business information, use the intersection. If you’re including the phone number of your business, consider excluding the area code.

Use Easy-to-Read Fonts

This is another important thing you should remember for your yard sign marketing. No matter how great your message is or how attractive color and design you implement on your yard signs, if the fonts aren’t easy to read, your efforts will go in vain.

This is something you should always remember. Fonts are the only thing that will boost the visibility of your yard signs. If the customers cannot read the messages, they won’t be able to interpret them and your yard sign will fail to attract them. Hence, make sure that the fonts you’re using on your yard signs are legible. Additionally, make sure that they can be reads from a distance.


These are the 5 tips you should remember for your yard sign marketing. Just like other types of outdoor advertisement, the bigger the better. If you invest in large yard signs as well as large fonts, your signs will be able to attract people’s attention quickly. Keep these tips in mind to make your yard sign marketing fruitful.


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